Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Flowers

Use these cost-cutting tips

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If you're like the majority of couples planning your wedding, you're likely looking for ways to cut costs and save money on various aspects of your day. There are plenty of ways to save money on your wedding if you are willing to make a few sacrifices, but the challenge is in saving without your guests thinking that you've skimped. 

One popular area to encourage couples to pull back with their budget is florals. Of course, beautiful flowers can totally transform a wedding space and make a big impact on your aesthetic, but they can also be very pricey. In the end, your wedding flowers will only last or be enjoyed for one day, which to many practical couples can seem like a waste or unnecessary extravagance. Thankfully, there​ are some great ways that you can save money on flowers that will leave your guests none the wiser. Read on for our five top tips for saving money on your wedding flowers.

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    Choose Inexpensive Blooms

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    Flowers such as carnations are amazing to use in wedding flowers because they are known for being affordable and they come in a variety of colors. When used in a tight grouping or bunch they can really make an impact that mimics more luxurious blooms. Other inexpensive flowers include chrysanthemums, alstroemeria, daisies, gladioli, and various wildflowers.

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    Use Flowers That Are in-Season

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    One way to find more affordable blooms is to specifically choose flowers that are currently in season in your area of the world. When you choose flowers that are in-season, that means they are more readily available and therefore more affordable. Want to know which flowers are in season during different months of the year? Check out this list of flowers available by season from Fifty Flowers. 

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    Go for Greenery and Fillers

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    Another great option for lowering your floral expenses is to think outside the box. Filler items like baby's breath or lush greenery like ivy and ferns can really help to bulk up your arrangements without incurring extra costs. If you're into the "green" look, can use vines of greenery as a table runner for a simple and chic decoration that feels fresh and lush without breaking the bank. 

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    Less Is More

    These darling bud vases are perfect for single blooms.
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    One way to reduce the cost of your wedding flowers is to scale way back. Instead of splurging on a large, full centerpiece, consider using several small, single bud vases on your tables. This can look really chic and sweet while slashing your expenses. You can also opt to skip flowers as decor all-together. Just have your florist create bouquets and boutonnieres for your bridal party and find other decorative options for your tables and reception accents. 

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    Order in Bulk

    Order wedding flowers in bulk to save money on your floral budget
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    If you'd like to save as much as possible on the flowers you do purchase, consider ordering in bulk from a wholesaler. You can get inexpensive flowers in bulk from big-box stores like Costco and Sam's Club, or you could order online from sites like BloomsByTheBox.com or Fifty Flowers. Ordering in bulk will usually get you a better price than if you ordered in small bunches, so choose an already inexpensive bloom like carnations and order in bulk to save a bundle.