9 Ways to Save Money When Moving to a New Home

Save Money On Your Move

Moving is a major expense. There are ways to minimize the costs, and even to come out on top! Learn all the ways you can save money on a move. We'll show you how to budget, hire movers, move yourself, claim your move, and many other simple ways to save money when moving.

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    Top 10 Ways to Save Money on Your Household Move

    How to save money when moving
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    See where you can cut costs on boxes, and other packing supplies. There are many little ways of saving money, and it will all add up to substantial savings. I know. I have moved enough to see the difference in savings. And it is HUGE! We'll show you all the tricks, including how to save money on hiring movers.

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    Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Mover Fees

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    Before you hire a mover, make sure you are familiar with mover "speak". What do their terms mean in a written estimate? And what hidden costs can you expect? Very often, we find out about the small print when it is too late to do anything about it. Here we'll walk you through everything you should know when you hire a mover.

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    5 Ways to Avoid Losing Money On Your Household Move

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    Moving always means money out of your pocket and it won't often increase your bank account unless you make a profit on a home sale or are moving because of a new job and better salary. Still, we move. And we swallow the amount it costs for the benefit it will bring; new start and hopefully, a better life.

    Even though you have to spend money to move, there are things you shouldn't do to ensure that you don't blow your moving budget total - small things that will cost you more money than necessary.

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    How to Write-off Your Move

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    One of the smart ways of saving money on your move is by finding out how and what you can write-off in the move. I know that there is already much to think about in a move, but this is a sure way you can save. Here's advice on collecting relevant receipts, deducting expenses, and seeing what Uncle Sam allows you to write off.

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    Budget for the Cost of Traveling to Your New Home

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    Depending on how far you're moving, you'll need to budget traveling costs for you and your family. That may include flights, gas, hotels and other expenses.  Find out how to calculate traveling costs.  

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    How to File a Moving Insurance Claim

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    Find out how to file an insurance claim if something breaks during a move. Do not wait till it's too late. Do your due diligence before the move. Hopefully, nothing goes wrong, but if something does, you'll be glad you covered all your bases.

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    How much will I have to pay if I move to another state?

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    When creating a budget for a move, don't forget to take into account State taxes. The amount of tax you pay will vary if you move to another state. Property and sales taxes will likely be different. Learn about the different taxes when changing states.

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    5 Money-Wasting Mistakes to Avoid when Moving

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    There is no way around it. Moving is going to cost you money. But why pay more than you have to? It is very common for people to be overwhelmed during a move, and that results in carelessly and indifference as the move starts to bog them down. Don't let your move get to that stage. These are 5 common mistakes to avoid so that your moving costs do not balloon unnecessarily.

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    How to Set-up a Moving Budget

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    If you are really serious about saving money during a move, setting up a budget should be your very first step. Most people feel they already have too much to think about during a move to waste time with drawing up a budget. This is unwise, as a budget simply allows you keep yourself on track, and to see where you can save. Make this your first step. We'll show you how easy it can be. And you'll reap great dividends.