How Can You and Your Child Save the World Through Playing With Dolls?

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    Zeenie Dollz, Assemble!

    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

    The Marvel Universe has its Avengers; DC Comics has the Justice League. Your child's toy box could--and should--have the Zeenie Dollz. What's so special about these six fantasy dolls is that they are designed to be Eco Warriors. In fact, their brand's motto is "Saving the planet . . . that's our style!" 

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    Girl Power to the Extreme

    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

     Remember the Spice Girls and their "Girl Power" mantra? Well, Victoria Beckham and Mel B. have nothing on the Zeenie lineup. The six dolls include Zennia, the Mother Earth figure, who battles daily to keep the world and its inhabitants healthy, safe, and alive! She's aided by five team members, and each fierce female is imbued with a special superhero power.

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    Real-Life Gilmore Girls!

    Courtesy of Stephanie Finnegan

     The Zeenie Dollz world was co-created by a mother-and-daughter team, Laxmi Wadhwani and daughter Hansini. Hansini drew a picture of Mother Earth, and mom Laxmi immediately recognized its potential as a doll. Putting their nimble minds together, they fleshed out a plot line that is worthy of a movie adaptation. "My daughter wants to save the environment and the animals. Here we could do it in style," Laxmi shared.

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    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

     Game of Thrones has Mother of Dragons. Well, meet Zennia, Mother of Earth. Based on Hansini's illustration, the doll has flowing blue hair. What makes Zennia--and all the other Zeenie Dollz so remarkable--is that they are made of recycled plastic. Not only do they have an environmentally friendly message in their story line, but they are made in a sustainable way!

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    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

    Blending brains and beauty, fashion sense and a sense of good citizenship, the Zeenie Dollz fight to save the planet. Each doll has a sphere of the universe that she oversees. Lina is the protector of the rainforest and defends against deforestation. Lina and her other guardian friends stand 12 inches tall and all come with a brush, a silicone bracelet for your child to wear, and an eco-warrior membership card.

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    Yana and Pet

    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

     Since the Zeenie Dollz are all about saving and cleansing the earth, their expertise also flows over to wildlife. Each of the dolls comes with a plush pet that keys into the doll's arena. For instance, Yana is accompanied by a fish. It's perfectly fitting because Yana protects the oceans and defends marine conservation. All of the dolls are accompanied by critters that give a clue to their concerns.

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    Sini and Pet

    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

     Sini is the protector of farmland and the defender of abused animals. Both her plush pet and her wardrobe give hints to her special concerns. All of the girls' costuming and animal friends indicate what they are crusading for. Another unique facet of the Zeenie Dollz is their use of embedded eyes rather than painted ones.

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    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

    A great component of the Zeenie Dollz is their ball-joint construction. This means they have 24 points of articulation! That's fantastic for posing and playing, as shown here by Kazumi.  Judging by her ensemble, what would you say she is the custodian of. . . ? Yep, you got it! She fights on behalf of the Polar regions and is a defender against global warming. 

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    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

    When the Zeenie Dollz join forces, it's like a Charlie's Angels reunion, isn't it? Each doll is ethnically diverse and lovely in her own special way. When the dolls hit toy shelves in 2014, they racked up a huge amount of awards, ranging from Dr. Toy's to Toy Insider to the Dolls Award of Excellence from DOLLS magazine.

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    Making Mother Earth (and Mothers) Proud

    Courtesy of Zeenie Dollz

     The Zeenie Dollz are a fun way to bond with your child in hands-on play. The dolls are safety-tested for ages 4 and up. They are able to be handled and grasped by young children, and their presentation also make them sensational for displaying. They're also affordably priced, ranging from $14.99 to $19.99 each!