Baby on a Budget: How to Save Money on Nursery Furniture

4 Budget-Savvy Furniture Swaps for Baby’s Room

Nursery corner with comfortable nursing chair and changing station.
A sleek, sophisticated nursery chair will stand the test of time. Photo via Pretty Fluffy.

Nursery furniture can be pretty darn costly, especially when you’re planning baby’s room on a budget. Wondering how to make the most of your money? Take your little one from the cradle to college and beyond with these beautiful and budget-savvy furniture swaps.  

1) Swap a Standard Crib for a Convertible Model

Have your heart set on a beautiful and expensive, new crib? It may feel like love, but owning a crib is a temporary affair. No matter how alluring, that costly little beauty is ultimately destined for Craigslist.

If you want to save money in the long run, buy a convertible model. They may not all have sleek lines and designer looks, but these talented transformers offer unparalleled versatility. Make a couple relatively simple adjustments, and your newborn’s crib converts into an adorable toddler bed. Add a few spare parts, and what was once a crib becomes a full-sized bed, taking your child well into adulthood.

Can’t afford a convertible crib? Stick to something simple. Too many parents fall into the designer crib trap, believe that the extra money will make their little one safer and happier. Spoiler: It won’t. Just make sure your chosen crib meets current safety standards, and your little one will be just fine.

2) Swap a Purpose-Built Changing Table for a Dresser

Changing tables quickly outgrow their usefulness - if used at all. If the baby is bunking with mom and dad for the first few months, he’ll rarely even see the nursery; and once that little wiggle-monster can roll, you’ll likely feel more comfortable changing him on the floor.  

Instead of spending a small fortune on a dedicated changing table, why not try a more practical alternative? A padded changing mat secured to the top of a low, sturdy dresser makes an excellent temporary changing station and will see much more use than an expensive, purpose-made model. Store diapers and other necessities in the top drawers and pajamas and fresh onesies below, and you’ll have everything you’ll need for a quick change at arm’s reach.

3) Swap a Traditional Rocker or Nursery Glider for Something with a Little More Staying Power

When choosing a chair for your nursery, think long-term. That beautiful, new nursery glider may seem like a perfect fit now, but what about five years from now? Ten? If you can’t imagine your daughter curled up in it with a good book, or your teenage son offering it to one of his friends, you might want to opt for  something a bit more sophisticated.

4) Swap a Toddler Bed for a Twin

Ready for a big-kid bed? Why not skip the pricy, pint-sized cot and transition your toddler directly into a twin? A toddler bed has its benefits, such as built-in guardrails and a shorter falling distance between your little one and the floor. But if you’re looking to save a little green, there’s nothing to stop you from safely tucking your toddler into a twin-sized bed. Help your kiddo make the transition with these useful tips.