Save Money on Target Home Decor

Target decor clearance
Photo by Flickr user glindsay65

Everyone loves Target, the second-largest discount store in the United States, with Walmart right ahead of it. Formerly known as The Dayton Company, Target now has over 1,800 stores in the U.S. and was one of the first stores to stop selling tobacco products in 1996. Filled with the designer home decor, Starbucks cafes, and Bullseye—the Bull Terrier mascot—Target home decor has become popular because it offers all types of necessities for the home.

Home Decor at Target

Target's home decor includes brands like Threshold and Magnolia and offers numerous categories to cozy up your place with. Whether it's decorative storage, kitchen linens, or window treatments, Target is full of ideas and design inspiration for the home. There are also holiday decorations, clearance options, and a home-style catalog so you can plan before you buy. Online, Target also offers sections of home decorations under certain price points for easy shopping. That way, you can browse plants under $15 or wall decor under $50—whatever your budget and shopping list are.

Red Clearance

However, finding big savings on home decor and furniture at Target is not an easy thing to do. Target doesn't always cater to the ultra budget-minded shopper. Although Target offers a weekly sale paper and an occasional clearance, better deals on home decor can often be found elsewhere.

If you like shopping at Target specifically, you can try looking for sales through the red clearance signs, typically found on the aisle end caps closest to the store's interior walls. Clearance items will be marked with a red sticker with the price on it. While there's no doubt you'll find plenty of items marked clearance, you should compare the original price and the sale price carefully to ensure it's truly a good deal. Double check the product for rips, dents, and chips, because some of it is only on sale because it's defective in some way.

Seasonal Markdowns

Target changes out many of their home decor and furnishings on a seasonal basis. This is great for shoppers because markdowns happen fairly frequently. Knowing Target’s markdown schedule can help you snag that coveted item before someone else does. Keep an eye on your local Goodwill store as well. Target often donates unsold items there, which you can then snag at a significant price point.

Weekly Paper

Sign up for Target’s weekly email sales paper and watch the prices carefully. What often appears as a sale may not be a significant saving over the regular price. There are also weekly markdowns on clearance items online and in store. While the schedule changes for each store, you can expect most departments to have a similar rotation each week. Finally, check out Target’s online daily deals. As an added bonus, the daily deal always ships for free.


Target rarely offers store coupons on their home decor items, but it is worth a weekly look. Always check for Catalina coupons that print out at the register with your purchase, and look around the store, as other shoppers will discard these at the registers. Consider manufacturer coupons that may come in the mail and use apps like Retail Me Not for surprising savings. Follow additional couponing websites, like Southern Savers and FatWallet. Many of these sites will post news regarding hot Target home promotions and other great deals.

Target App and REDcard

If you're an avid Target shopper, Target’s REDcard will save you five percent every time you use it. You can hook it up to a debit or credit card for savings. Additionally, the Target App (formerly known as Cartwheel) offers discounts on items. Before you check out, search for the items in the app and add them to your digital cart that can be scanned.