Review of Savings Angel Coupon Site

Are coupon sites like Savings Angel worth the monthly fee?

Woman holding printable coupons from Savings Angel.
Could coupons from Savings Angel help you save money on groceries?. Photo © Vstock LLC

Looking for new ways to save money? Savings Angel is a coupon site designed to help you save money on groceries. The cost of the program is approximately $20 month (or $5 per week). Members receive lists of coupons that can be used at local grocery stores and all-purpose shopping establishments. However, there is a big learning curve for users who are new to couponing, and many users give up on Savings Angel before truly maximizing their saving potential.


  • Each member is assigned a Savings Angel mentor
  • There is an extensive forum where members can find answers and get help
  • You really can save money if you put the time into using their coupon combinations
  • You can even get things for free
  • Savings Angel helps you maximize your savings at your local grocery store


  • Savings Angel costs about $20 per month
  • You have to print out many of the coupons from different sites
  • This uses a lot of printer ink and paper
  • There's a big learning curve
  • Saving more than you're spending on the membership requires a big time commitment

Description of Savings Angel

  • Savings Angel is a coupon site that helps you apply combinations of coupons at your local grocery store
  • Savings Angel helps you use coupons when items are already on sale, which maximizes your savings
  • Members have access to a personal mentor and a forum that includes additional information on how to save money on groceries
  • Your monthly membership price goes down when your friends and family members sign up for Savings Angel

Personal Experience with Savings Angel

I found Savings Angel difficult to use. Part of the problem is that I don't want to spend that much time printing coupons one by one on various coupon sites. In addition, I only use coupons on things I really want or need, so I didn't bother to take advantage of free and nearly-free items that didn't appeal to me.

Admittedly, I gave up before maximizing the savings. I didn't take the time to meet with my Savings Angel mentor, and I did not use the full combinations of coupons as they suggested, because I didn't want to go to so many different sites to print them out.

The program did help me to use coupons from the Sunday paper when they were on sale, but after a while I decided that the program wasn't worth the $19.95 monthly fee I was paying, since I wasn't putting the time into saving as much as I could. (So instead, I put the money in a savings account.)

Having said that, if you have the time to dedicate to the process, and you have friends and family members who would be willing to sign up under you, Savings Angel can really help you save a lot of money each week on groceries. Since I didn't, I ended my membership after three months.

To learn more or to sign up, visit the website.