Sawtooth SPG-605 Fully Loaded Pellet Grill

Sawtooth SPG-605 Pellet Grill
Sawtooth SPG-605 Pellet Grill. Sawtooth Grills

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Very large, with an impressing lid height, the Sawtooth SPG-605 is another of the lower priced pellet grills to hit the market recently, Sold most online, with a few brick and mortar retailers, Sawtooth has struggled to produce a pellet grill in the United States, but have stuck to that ideal. With a number of improvements, large in the selection of pellet controllers, recently this has become a moderately good pellet grill.

The metal is thin and that means a higher pellet consumption, particularly on cold or windy days.


  • Large capacity grill/smoker


  • Lightweight construction
  • Thin gauge metal doesn't hold in heat well


  • 684 square inches of primary cooking area (expandable)
  • 175 to 500 degree F/80 to 260 degrees C temperature range
  • 20-pound capacity side mounted pellet hopper
  • Stainless steel stamped cooking grates
  • Five-degree increment pellet controller
  • Powder coated steel and stainless steel construction
  • Single layer lid
  • Made in the United States by Sawtooth Grills

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Guide Review - Sawtooth SPG-605 Fully Loaded Pellet Grill

This model of the Sawtooth Pellet Grill comes with shelves and a cover. It can be had without these for $100USD less. When Sawtooth first hit the market they were using the most primitive pellet controller still on the market. That was a mistake. Recently they have changed that for a controller used by several other manufacturer's in this price range.

The controller is adjustable in 5-degree increments and works reasonably well to hold the desired temperature.

The biggest problem with this pellet grill is that the thin metal has difficulty holding in heat, particularly if it is cold or windy outside. The controller tries to keep up by burning more pellets, but that just increases the fuel consumption as well as the amount of ash and soot that builds up inside the grill.

In the under $1,500USD Pellet Grill market, you cannot expect a great deal of temperature precision or efficiency. These are largely metal boxes with a pellet unit attached to the side. Innovation may happen occasionally, but it hasn't happened here. Made in the USA can certainly be a selling point, but not if it is the justification for thinner metals or lower quality.

This isn't a bad pellet grill, and like many in this price range, it will do a competent job. With some modification and insulation, it can even be pretty good. Unfortunately, there has been a flood of pellet grills in recent years and the just over $1,000USD price point is heavily saturated making the Sawtooth a tough one to choose.

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