Scandinavian Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Scandinavian bedroom with white and gray sheets next to black lamp with dark brown wood bench in front

The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

Along with a common culture and language, the Scandinavian countries of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark share a decorating style that is light and airy, simple, and clean.

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    Peaceful Scandinavian Style

    Peaceful Scandinavian bedroom
    Avenue Lifestyle

    It’s no wonder that the Scandi style is popular all over the world, not just in the chilly north. This peaceful bedroom from blog Avenue Lifestyle captures the serenity of Scandinavian décor.

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    Color It White

    Light and airy Scandi bedroom
    Avenue Lifestyle

    One of the first things you notice about Scandi décor is the very limited palette. White predominates, with touches of gray, black, pale blue, or pastels taking up secondary positions. Bright or strong colors are used very sparingly as accents, if at all. This bedroom from Avenue Lifestyle shows the typical Scandinavian color scheme.

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    Fireplaces in the Bedroom

    Scandinavian bedroom with fireplace
    My Scandinavian Home

    Up near the Arctic Circle, winters are long, cold, and dark. It’s not unusual for Scandinavian homes to have a fireplace in the bedroom, as in the room from My Scandinavian Home shown here.

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    Rustic Accents in the Scandinavian Bedroom

    Simple Scandi bedroom
    My Scandinavian Home

    Rustic wood is a common accent in the Scandinavian bedroom. Here, in this bedroom from My Scandinavian Home, a well-loved wooden bench serves as a nightstand.

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    Light Fixtures as Decorating Accents

    Fur rug in Scandi bedroom

    When you live in a climate that is dark quite a bit of the year, good lighting becomes extra important, and light fixtures become focal points for interesting or unusual design. The softly glowing paper pendant light in this bedroom shared on Remodelista is a prime example of using lighting to add unique style to a space.

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    Scandinavian Cottage Bedroom

    Scandi cottage bedroom
    APD Interiors / The Design Inspirationalist

    Although Scandinavian decor is generally pared down and minimalist in feel, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for personality, warmth, and touches of other decorating themes. This lovely bedroom from APD Interiors shared on The Design Inspirationalist has a cottage vibe but maintains the limited palette, clean lines, and airiness typical to Scandi style.

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    Colorful Accents in a Scandi Bedroom

    Scandinavian bedroom with yellow accents
    Her Canberra

    Scandinavian style is not one for much bright color, but small pops, such as the cheery yellow blanket in this bedroom found on Her Canberra, add life and interest to a room. Limit the hot hues to just one or two accents, however.

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    Scandinavian Bedrooms and Distressed Wood

    Small Scandinavian bedroom with wooden floor
    Style Files

    Wood is a Scandi staple, and not only on the floors. This lovely bedroom found on The Style Files shows off not just a fantastic herringbone floor, but also a unique wall feature made from old, distressed boards. The rustic bench at the foot of the bed is another typical Scandinavian touch.

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    Scandinavian Bedrooms Are Open and Airy

    Airy Scandinavian Bedroom
    My Scandinavian Home

    The typical Scandinavian room leaves plenty of open space between pieces of furniture. This gives the room an airy, fresh vibe, and prevents any cramped or cluttered feel during the long, dark winter. The stunning bedroom shown here is from My Scandinavian Home.

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    Scandinavian Men's Bedroom

    Scandinavian-style bedroom with dark accents and leather accessories
    Artjafara / Getty Images

    If you’re looking for a decorating style that is every bit as appealing to men as to women, your search has ended. The Scandi penchant for limited color, simple lines, lack of fuss, and no-frills or adornment make it a style that works in just about anyone’s bedroom.

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    Pastel Scandinavian Bedroom

    Pastel and gray bedroom
    Comfy Dwelling / Houzz

    While white is by far the most common color in Scandinavian décor, it isn’t the only choice. Other soft hues, such as the blush and pale gray shown in this simple room from Comfy Dwelling, are equally suited to this light and airy style. Another touch that’s common to the far north: the copper pendant light shown here. Warm metals are the perfect counterpoint to a cool palette. 

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    Simple Lines in the Scandi Bedroom

    Minimalist Scandinavian bedroom

    Scandi style means simple lines, without fuss or ornate touches. Case in point: the spare and yet intriguing bed in this room from Remodelista. A perfect example of a simple Scandinavian style.

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    Black and White Artwork

    photo gallery in bedroom
    (my) unfinished home

    It’s quite common to find black and white photographs or artwork in a Scandi bedroom, as in this charming space from the blog (my) unfinished home. Touches of black set off all the white while maintaining the overall feel of peaceful harmony.

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    Peaceful Scandi Bedroom

    Scandi bedroom with plants
    My Scandinavian Home

    Notice how open and airy this bedroom from My Scandinavian Home is. There are no unnecessary furnishings, no rugs to break up the expanse of wooden floor, no window treatments to block out light, and no fussy knickknacks or clutter. And yet, there is plenty of personality and comfort here. That’s the art and the heart of Scandi décor.

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    Wood on the Walls and Ceiling

    bedroom with wood paneling walls and ceiling
    Astronaut Images / Getty Images

    As already stated, wood is very popular in Scandinavian rooms, and not only on the floors or the furniture. Wood paneling on walls, or as in this room, the ceiling, is just as warm and cozy. The string of tiny paper lantern lights is another fun touch in this lovely bedroom.

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    Natural Wood in a Scandinavian Bedroom

    Wood walls in Scandi bedroom
    The Designerpad

    While you'll often find exposed wood painted white in a Scandi-style room, it can also be left entirely natural, as in the wonderful room shown here from The Designer Pad. Another common Scandinavian bedroom design: the bed is right on the floor, not lifted up on a platform or frame.

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    Typical Scandinavian Bedroom Style

    white bedroom with basket pendant lamp, bedside table, plant, and white artwork
    Artjafara / Getty Images

    This cute and cozy bedroom shows off many Scandi staples: white wooden floors, natural wood accents, an intriguing ceiling fixture, and white artwork. Perfect.

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    Wallpaper in a Scandi Bedroom

    White bedroom with painted wallpaper on one wall
    Westend61 / Getty Images

    While it's most common to find white painted walls in a Scandi bedroom, sometimes you'll find wallpaper instead, as in the room shown here. If you're not ready to make the commitment of painting your room, wallpaper is a good start. Still, it's not bright or strongly patterned; notice that the paper is a simple tan, beige, and white tone.

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    1 Big Piece of Artwork

    White simple bedroom with art hanging over the bed
    KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    While you'll often find a gallery wall of smaller black and white photos or artwork, another option is to go big, as in this lovely bedroom. The large abstract pieces add a zing of excitement to the space, but the muted neutral color keeps the overall vibe soothing.

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    Blue and White Scandinavian Bedroom

    Blue and white Scandinavian bedroom
    Chris Snook / Houzz

    This glorious Scandi bedroom shared and photographed by Chris Snook on Houzz is absolutely delightful. From designers, Keith Stephenson and Mark Hampshire of Mini Moderns, this room shows off the impact of blue in an otherwise white bedroom. The geometric wallpaper and bold print on the bedding aren't the usual Scandinavian design, but in this modern bedroom, they are absolutely perfect.

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    Small Touches of Color

    Colorful Scandi bedroom
    The Way We Play / Houzz

    This colorful bedroom from The Way We Play uses a few splashes of color to break up the otherwise black and white palette. Notice how clean and simple the overall space is, however. That's why even the addition of color doesn't break the soothing spell.

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    Canopy Bed in a Scandi Bedroom

    Beautiful Scandinavian bedroom
    Cornish Interiors

    Canopy beds aren't the most common Scandinavian design, but when the lines are as clean and simple as the one here, in a bedroom from Cornish Interiors, you see why the appeal of a canopy bed reaches into every decorating style.

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    Whimsical Touches in the Bedroom

    Scandi bedroom with colorful artwork
    Texas Construction Company / Houzz

    Just because Scandinavian design tends towards the simple doesn't mean there isn't room for whimsy or personality. Here, a colorful and fun panda poster along with a quilt-pattern area rug adds some liveliness to an otherwise white room designed by Texas Construction Company.