14 Scandinavian Christmas Trees That Will Bring You Joy

Scandinavian Christmas tree in a living room

The Spruce / Marty Baldwin

Even if you don't know them by name, you likely have seen countless Scandinavian Christmas trees before. Characterized by their sparse branches and minimalist decor, these trees are quite beautiful and pay homage to a number of Scandinavian traditions. To learn more about Scandinavian Christmas decor, we spoke with Minneapolis-based home blogger Erin Francois, a proud Scandinavian-American with Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian heritage. We've also rounded up 14 stunning Scandinavian trees for inspiration this season.

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    Light Your Tree Up with LED Candles

    christmas tree with candles


    Tree candles, like those seen above on this colorful evergreen, are a Scandinavian classic, Francois says. "Tree candles are iconically Scandinavian, and have been used to light Christmas trees for ages," she explains. Nowadays, remote controlled LED candles are often used as a safer alternative to real flames.

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    Add Woven Texture

    christmas tree in woven basket


    Traditional tree skirts are lovely, but you won't see them as much in Scandinavian holiday decor. "Think beyond the tree skirt and instead try a woven basket or utilitarian galvanized bucket to disguise the stand," Francois advises. "Or better yet, forgo the disguise altogether and leave the tree stand exposed to make a restrained statement all on its own."

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    Don't Be Afraid to Stand Tall

    tall scandinavian christmas tree


    We often see a lot of smaller Scandinavian-inspired Christmas trees, but if you wish to make a statement and fill a larger room, go right ahead! This tree is quite tall and features a sparse top.

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    Keep it Nice and Simple

    scandinavian christmas tree on stand


    "Scandinavian holiday decor is all about handmade simplicity that’s inspired by the natural landscape with notes of nostalgia," Francois comments. This simple yet stylish tree with beautiful paper ornaments certainly fits the bill.

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    Hang a Homemade Garland

    christmas tree with orange garland


    Additionally, Francois says, a handmade approach to decorating is key. "Tree decorations celebrate homemade handicraft using everyday supplies from around the house and those found in nature, like paper bunting, dried orange slices, and ornaments made of straw."

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    Go Miniature

    small christmas tree in basket


    Once again, a basket makes for a sweet receptacle to hold this petite tree. It's easy to repurpose a favorite bin from within your home for this purpose, if you don't wish to buy something new.

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    Try Something Sparse and Sophisticated

    sparse christmas tree

    Erin Francois

    Francois's own tree is pictured above. "When it comes to tree species, I like natural Fraser firs for their pleasing sparseness," she says. "But it's less about the specific variety and more about the uniqueness of the tree shape and lines that make Scandinavian Christmas trees memorable."

    Fun Fact

    While it took some time for evergreen trees to become a standard part of the Christmas holiday, their use during European celebrations of winter predates the Christianization of the continent and even the founding of the religion itself by centuries. Once the tree was actually included as a standard part of the holiday—an event that many believe did not take place until the 15th or 16th century—the symbolism of the tree was reassigned to represent everlasting life.

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    Mix It Up

    mix of ornaments and candles on christmas tree


    A closeup photo of this tree reveals the many types of homespun ornaments on display and the mix of textures and shapes used. Once again, mini tree candles add extra shine.

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    Try a Metal Basket with a Twist

    christmas tree in metal basket with fur


    If you do place your Christmas tree in a metal basket or galvanized bucket, you can still cozy it up with a faux fur throw or another type of blanket, which will add welcome warmth and texture.

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    Add Some Color

    red LED tree candles


    For some extra cheer, consider mixing in tree candles in a variety of shades. Red candles pop and add vibrance to this evergreen.

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    Pick Up a Cute Collar

    tree with woven collar


    If you don't wish to place your tree in a woven basket—or if your evergreen is too large for this to be a possibility—you can opt for a woven tree collar instead. Many of these pieces easily disassemble into two or more parts, making for easier storage in the off-season.

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    Get Crafty

    mini christmas tree with homemade decor


    Tassels and a beaded garland stand out on this tiny tree. This aesthetic reflects the homespun concept that Francois highlighted earlier—such decorations are easy to create with materials one already has on hand.

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    Repurpose a Jute Basket

    jute basket as tree holder


    A jute basket makes for a sweet tree holder in this neutral home. Once Christmas is over, it can easily be used to hold throw blankets and other winter essentials.

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    Let the Sun Shine

    scandinavian tree in front of window


    When placed in front of the living room window, a sparse tree adds cheer but doesn't prevent sunlight from streaming in. Dried orange slices and an orange garland on the mantel keep the space looking sweet and cohesive.