17 Smart Ways to Store Scarves

beige scarf in bin

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If your collection of winter scarves, pashminas, and shawls is slowly taking over your closet, these 17 smart ways to store scarves are for you. From clear plastic bins and velvet hangers to drawer dividers and more, we've gathered creative, inexpensive, practical, and beautiful ways to store and organize your favorite stylish and seasonal accessory.

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    Clear Plastic Bins

    Scarves in clear plastic bins in a closet

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Use clear plastic bins with labels like these in a closet organized by @nycneat_louisa to hold out-of-season scarves or those that you don't use on a daily or even weekly basis. The clear bins allow you to see what's inside so you can quickly grab what you need and they add a neat, uniform, and professional look to your closet.

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    Non-Slip Velvet Hangers

    Pashmina scarves on hangers in a closet

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    For dressier, more delicate or expensive scarves, use hangers like @afreshspace did with these colorful pashminas. Non-slip velvet hangers are a good choice as the scarves won't easily slip and their soft surface will keep them from snagging or creasing.

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    Drawer Dividers

    Colorful scarves organized in a drawer

    Tramont_ana / Getty Images

    To take your drawer organization to the next level, use wooden dividers to hold special scarves such as those made from silk that you perhaps only wear occasionally. Fold or roll them gently and place them inside the dividers for an aesthetically pleasing and safe way to store them.

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    Fabric-Lined Wicker Baskets

    Baskets and hooks in entryway

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    Fabric-lined wicker baskets such as these from @afreshspace are a great way to store larger, bulkier scarves. If space in your entryway or mudroom permits, designate one basket for each member of the household to place their scarves (and other seasonal accessories) in so they are easy to grab before heading out the door—the space will always stay neat and organized.

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    Clear-Front Storage Boxes

    Closet organized with boxes with clear fronts

    Laura Cattano

    You can purchase clear-front storage boxes such as these used by Laura Cattano in this walk-in closet to store various types of scarves as well as other clothing. The clear fronts make it easy to identify what's inside each box and the scarves aren't collecting dust since they are in a closed container. This type of storage will also make moving much easier—instead of having to pack your scarves in boxes or bins, they're already ready to go!

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    Entryway Baskets

    Two woven baskets for scarves under entryway console

    @lemonleafhomeinteriors / Instagram

    For casual scarves that you wear every day, use baskets to store them in your entryway like @lemonleafhomeinteriors did under her console. Not only do the baskets add a textural and decorative element to the space, they keep scarves on hand without them visually cluttering the space.

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    Built-in Closet Drawer

    Closet with built-in drawer system

    @afreshspace / Instagram

    If you are designing a built-in closet system or currently, already have one in your home, designate one of the drawers to scarves. This space organized by @afreshspace features several drawers and is the perfect way to separate different types of scarves—use one drawer for winter scarves and others for pashminas, silk, dressy, or cashmere scarves.

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    Scarf Rings

    Scarves hanging on scarf rings

    bbbrrn / Getty Images

    Believe it or not, there are ring-style hangers available for purchase that are designed specifically to hold scarves. You can loop or tie scarves (and ties or belts) through them, then hang them on a rail in your closet. This allows you to hang each scarf individually and separate them by color, material, style, or frequency of use.

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    Wire Basket

    Scarves in wire bin

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Gain inspiration from @nycneat_louisa and use a wire basket for a chic way to store scarves. Fold them using a tri-fold method and organize them by color for a visually pleasing storage system. Wire baskets come in various different finishes, from gold and chrome to black and white, giving you options when it comes to coordinating the baskets with your closet.

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    Wall Hooks

    Mudroom bench and cubbies with hooks for scarves

    PC Photography / Getty Images

    Install simple wall hooks in your entryway or mudroom to store scarves that are used every day. Use larger, decorative hooks so the scarves stay in place and don't get damaged.

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    Decorative Ladder

    Ladder next to mirror in the entryway

    @homebypolly / Instagram

    Instead of using a classic coat hanger to hold scarves in your entryway, use a decorative ladder such as the one used by @homebypolly. It adds a touch of rustic charm and a unique look while still offering plenty of space for multiple scarves or shawls.

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    Rolling Clothing Rack

    Scarf and other outerwear on a rolling clothing rack

    Oksana Kiian / Getty Images

    If your closet and drawers are jam-packed, a freestanding rolling clothing rack is a great option for adding extra storage space for scarves and other garments. It's also a practical way of putting together outfits or preparing for travel—with one or multiple rails on the rolling rack, there's plenty of space for countless scarves.

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    Fabric Bin

    Scarves in a fabric bin with a label

    @nycneat_louisa / Instagram

    Fabric bins such as this one used by @nycneat_louisa are an excellent way to store and organize scarves. Their fabric lining protects all items from snagging or ripping and keeps everything neatly enclosed. Since its contents are not visible, add a label to quickly identify what's inside each bin.

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    Rolled Scarves

    Folded colorful scarves

    Nestor Martinez Nieva / Getty Images

    For a space-saving method to store your scarves in a drawer, wrap them around your hand, looping the end through the middle to secure them into a ball shape. Place the rolled scarf balls inside a drawer in a single layer, so they are all visible and can be organized by frequency of use or another method that you prefer.

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    Built-in Cubbies

    Mudroom with teal built-ins

    Britt Design Studio

    If you are designing built-ins for a mudroom or entryway, take cues from this beautiful space by Britt Design Studio—install hooks and add plenty of shelves to accommodate bins and baskets for scarves and other seasonal accessories.

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    Towel Bar

    Tied hanging scarves

    Ali Muhammad Usman / Getty Images

    A towel bar isn't necessarily just for a bathroom or powder room, it's equally as useful to store scarves in your closet. Install one or multiple bars on a wall and tie your scarves onto it. They're inexpensive, have a low-profile, and don't take up much space so you can use them on even the smallest of walls. They are a good way to utilize vertical space and each towel bar will hold more scarves than you think.

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    Scarf Drawer

    Folded scarves in a drawer

    Isabel Pavia / Getty Images

    If you have a large collection of scarves, dedicate one of your dresser drawers to them instead of interspersing them with other items in your dresser or closet. Fold them all neatly using a uniform folding method and arrange them based on what works best for you, whether that's by season, color, material, or occasion.