3 Scary Needlepoint Pumpkin Designs for Halloween

Try These 3 Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Needlepoint Patterns

Instead of carving fresh pumpkins to make Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween, consider stitching needlepoint versions with these three free designs. Choose from a simple funny and hilariously toothless pumpkin needlepoint design, a pumpkin with sad face and trailing vines or a more traditional Halloween pumpkin that’s scary and naughty.

In place of white mono needlepoint canvas, purchase several pieces of black colored canvas to accent your stitching and really make the pumpkins stand out. You can...MORE stitch all three needlepoint patterns on one piece of canvas for a Halloween party decoration or a single one to adorn a trick-or-treat bag.

It can be a really exciting and satisfying experience to design and create additional needlepoint projects from these three pumpkin patterns.

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    Funny Scary Pumpkin Needlepoint Chart

    Get ready for a night of Halloween fun and excitement with this comical, but scary pumpkin needlepoint chart. The 3.57-inch by 4.57-inch design just begs to be stitched with your choice of straight stitch techniques like Bargello, Parisian, Brick or Hungarian.

    These stitches offer great opportunities to experiment with specialty and novelty threads—especially the glow-in-the-dark ones for Halloween. And because they produce virtually no canvas distortion, final stretching and blocking are usually...MORE unnecessary.

    Choose stitches that work well when placed over four to six canvas mesh or ones that cover a large area in a small amount of time. Start stitching in the center of the canvas and work outwards in any direction to complete the needlepoint project.

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    Sad Creepy Pumpkin Needlepoint Pattern

    The 3.57-inch by 2.71-inch creepy pumpkin needlepoint design features a sad face painted on a pumpkin with a few drooping vines to further highlight its gloom and doom expression. With only 50 stitches wide and 38 stitches high, the super easy pattern can be worked in one evening with a few skeins of basic orange and green colored six-strand cotton embroidery floss.

    The classic tent, continental or basketweave needlepoint stitches are appropriate for this design since the simplicity of these...MORE stitches is in keeping with the sad and forlorn pumpkin face. However, you can get a more contemporary look by using shiny, metallic or other novelty threads.

    When ending threads on the wrong side, be careful not to leave long ends, as these can easily be pulled through to the right side as you continue to stitch.

    Halloween Craft Idea: Work the entire design on waste canvas that has been attached to a cloth trick-or-treat bag. Embellish the completed needlepoint with green pipe cleaners to give the trailing vines a three-dimensional look.

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    Spooky Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin Needlepoint Design

    Looking for a spooky needlepoint project for Halloween? Check out this scary pumpkin design complete with carved eyes and a mouth with teeth!

    Although the 2.93-inch by 2.43-inch design area is the smallest of the three pumpkin needlepoint projects, it is versatile enough to stitch as a stand-alone or to work up in a Halloween needlepoint collage. Being 41 stitches wide by 34 stitches high, the project is also excellent for teaching kids how to needlepoint on plastic canvas.

    Experiment on a doodle...MORE canvas with stitch techniques designed for small areas including a few variations of cross stitches. Choose one or two that are appropriate for the finished scary pumpkin project and the size canvas mesh.

    Change the colors to dark alien green or brown to make the needlepoint pumpkin scarier than ever! Use your imagination to embellish with plastic toy spiders and other found objects.