Free Scary Pumpkin Stencils

A line of artistically cut jack-o-lanterns
Erin Kinney/flickr/CC By-SA 2.0
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    Using Pumpkin Carving Stencils


    Scary pumpkin stencils ​are just what the doctor ordered for folks with creative minds but unsteady hands. Apply any of these stencils to your pumpkins to paint or carve awesome jack-o-lantern designs for Halloween. All of these designs are printable on letter-size paper and work best on pumpkins that are short and fat, rather than tall and skinny. 

    To use a stencil, first print out the appropriate page (Ctrl + P in Windows or Command + P in Mac). Then, cut out the black areas with scissors or a craft knife. Apply the stencil to your pumpkin and trace the design on the pumpkin's face. Remove the stencil and follow the tracing to paint or carve the pumpkin.  

    To carve your jack-o-lantern or paint it? That is the question. To carve, remove some (but not all) of the pumpkin's flesh, to define the design. Removing some of the flesh will expose the lighter color of the pumpkin that lies beneath the orange exterior. This contrast in color will make the design stand out. For specific elements, such as facial features (eyes, nose, etc.), cut entirely through the pumpkin shell. To make small holes, you can also drill through the pumpkin with a power drill and a standard wood drill bit. 

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    Scary Werewolf Jack-o-Lantern

    Template for a werewolf jack-o-lantern carving
    David Beaulieu

    Where will this werewolf jack-o-lantern strike next with his wolf teeth and boar tusks? Werewolves are a natural for Halloween. The werewolf story is based on a man named Peter Stumpp. It seems Peter was executed in the late 16th century in the town of Bedburg, Germany after he had committed gruesome crimes for years in this German village.

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    Skull and Crossbones Jack-o-Lantern Design

    Skull-and-crossbones jack-o-lantern design
    David Beaulieu

    The skull and crossbones design fits well into a pirate theme for Halloween decorating. It also fits right in with the death theme that is such a big part of this holiday.

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    Pumpkin Skull Carving

    Pumpkin-skull carving stencil
    David Beaulieu

    Are you doing a pumpkin skull carving or painting for your scary Halloween designs? Do you need a template to guide your hand? This skull will be easy even for beginners to trace out on a pumpkin.

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    Jason Mask Stencil

    Jason Vorhees mask stencil
    David Beaulieu

    The scary hockey-goalie mask of Jason Voorhees is a natural for scary pumpkin stencils. Jason, the infamous Friday the 13th character, continues to be popular at Halloween time. One even sees Jason scarecrows once in a while, used as yard decorations.

    While it would be possible to carve a jack-o-lantern using this stencil, a painting allows you to use red or another color for the mask accents. 

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    Scary Devil Printable Design

    Scary devil printable design for pumpkins
    David Beaulieu

    Use this printable pumpkin design to carve a jack-o-lantern that will scare the local kids right out of their trick-or-treat costumes. 

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    Bat Design to Trace on Your Jack-o-Lantern

    Bat stencils to put on a pumpkin
    David Beaulieu

    Bats are an ever-popular theme for Halloween decorating. There is something scary about a creature that resembles a rat but flies around. If the details of the bats' eyes seem too tricky, you can simplify the design by making omitting the eye cutouts; that is, making the entire head solid.