Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Game

Your Guests Won't Even Have to Break a Sweat Playing this Bridal Shower Game

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Naturally, the point of hosting a bridal shower is to support the bride-to-be with good wishes, gifts, a fun time, and the company of her closest family and friends. But why not use it as an opportunity for the guests to have fun too? There's no need for the only activity to be watching the bride as she opens up all of her gifts. Instead, organize a bridal shower game or two or three (!) to break the ice among guests that don't know each other well (such as friends of the bride and her family) and you'll give everyone more to talk about after the party than simply the model of blender the bride received at her shower.

Bridal Shower Scavenger Hunt Game

This scavenger hunt game is perfect for a group of women and, young and old can participate since they can remain seated throughout the game. Instead of running around the party room looking for a list of scavenger hunt items, they will be looking a lot closer to home - in their own handbag!

Prepare a list of possible items that can be found in a ladies' handbag. Make a copy for each guest and distribute at the beginning of the game. The leader of the game will call out each item and each guest will look in her handbag to see if she has it. If so, she holds it up for the group to see and checks it off her list.

Once each item has been called out and revealed, the guest that has the greatest number in her handbag wins a prize.

Possible scavenger items include:

  • lipstick
  • nail file
  • compact mirror
  • wallet
  • coin purse
  • hair brush
  • band-aids
  • breath mints
  • tissues
  • note pad
  • pen
  • pencil
  • ticket stub
  • hand sanitizer
  • toothbrush
  • floss
  • lucky rabbit's foot or another lucky trinket
  • photo book
  • cell phone
  • knitting needles
  • crochet hook
  • mascara
  • eye liner or pencil
  • eye glasses

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