Our 13 Favorite Scented Candles We Found on Amazon

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A scented candle by Craft & Kin

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In spite of their size, scented candles have a huge impact. With just a wick or two in a jar, you can envelop a room in a scent that's warm, energizing, uplifting, or refreshing. Aside from the fragrance, each jar, tin, or vessel can serve as an accent piece, too, and the light they emit instantly cozies up a home.

Really, candles are the perfect decor item. If you're running low on wax, it might be time to re-up your collection with these stylish and lovely-smelling options from Amazon.

LA JOLIE MUSE Rose Noir & Oud Scented Candle

Rose noir and oud candle


It's common to have a love-hate relationship with floral fragrances. A room that smells like a garden is dreamy for some people but too strong for others. For a softer version of rose, this candle from La Jolie Muse meets the mark. The addition of oud makes it smell warmer than a typical flower-inspired candle.

Yankee Candle Sugared Cinnamon Apple Scented, Classic 22oz Large Jar Single Wick Candle

apple cinnamon candle


When fall calls, autumnal candles are in order. One of the most classic scents to fill your home with is apple. This option from Yankee Candle has cinnamon included, too, so it'll smell like there's an apple pie baking in your oven without any of the effort.

Capri Blue Volcano Scented Candle with Glass Candle Holder

Capri Blue Scented Candle with Glass Candle Holder


Candles can be a form of escape. With the right fragrance, you can be whisked away to a favorite destination, whether you're dreaming of a tropical vacation or a cozy ski chalet. This candle covers the former with its fruity notes, and it will have you wanting to pull out your sunscreen.

Lulu Candles Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood (9 Oz.)

Lulu Candles Jasmine, Oud & Sandalwood (9 Oz.)


For a warmer, more sultry scent, leave it to a combination of oud, jasmine, and sandalwood. These kinds of blends are perfectly suited for an atmospheric fall evening but really work for any time of year. With a burn time of 45 hours, it will last you a while, too.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Scented Soy Aromatherapy Candle


There are many methods of feeling more relaxed, and one way that's helpful for many is with aromatherapy. Lavender is renowned for its relaxing qualities, so it was practically made to be turned into a candle. Mrs. Meyer's version is crisp and fresh. And in addition to helping you unwind, it's a perfect candle to burn after cleaning.

P.F. Candle Co. Golden Coast– 7.2 oz Soy Candle

Golden Coast soy candle

P.F. Candle Co.

This candle looks and smells comforting—a win-win for any living room or bedroom that you'd like to feel a bit cozier. For anyone drawn to the coast, this scent mixes sun-soaked wild sage, sea salt, eucalyptus, redwood, and palo santo for a fragrance that'll whisk you away to the beach once it starts burning.

Chesapeake Bay The Collection Two-Wick Scented Candle, Cashmere Plum

Cashmere Plum candle


Keep an all-white room cohesive with a white candle jar and a good scent to boot. The two-wick candle can burn for 25 hours and can serve as a great addition to a cooler monochrome space that's itching for a touch of warmth.

Homesick Premium Scented Candle, Book Club - Scents of Orange, Nutmeg

Book Club candle from Homesick


Cracking open a brand new book on a rainy day is one of the best things in life. To maintain that feeling even on the least relaxing of days, Homesick's Book Club candle will do the job. Its warm amber, sandalwood, and nutmeg fragrance will feel like a big hug when it's lit.

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin Latte Japonica Glass Jar Candle

Voluspa Spiced Pumpkin Latte Japonica Glass Jar Candle


If apple isn't your cup of tea, autumn's other sweetheart, pumpkin, is the perfect alternative. Voluspa's candle smells like the season's iconic drink and the orange glass helps is double as a piece of fall decor, too. With a 50-hour burn time, you'll be set for a couple of months depending on how often it's lit.

Chesapeake Bay Candle, Medium Jar, Sheer Jasmine

Sheer Jasmine candle


Jasmine is a fan-favorite scent in the garden, so it's no surprise that it's a popular candle fragrance, too. If you're slightly apprehensive about florals, this one (which can burn for up to 50 hours) is worth taking a chance on as it's embellished with subtle woody and citrusy notes.

Bath & Body Works White Barn 3-Wick Candle

3-Wick Candle

Bath & Body Works

Woody, earthy fragrances often appeal to a wide range of people, so it's worth having a scent like this in your candle collection. This larger jar has three wicks and will last you up to 45 hours. Its sleek black container makes it a chic addition to any coffee table, too.

Craft & Kin White Sage Candle

Wood wick candle


Wood wicks present another layer of coziness when it comes to candles. The light crackling noise and natural texture stand out a little more than a classic cotton wick. This minimal Craft & Kin candle is made to promote relaxation, both scent-wise and visually.

Paddywax Scented Candle, 12-Ounce, Redwoods & Amber

Paddywax candle


Fans of Western, farmhouse, or boho styles will appreciate the vintage look of this Paddywax candle line. The frosted glass vessel looks nice on its own but also diffuses the light and provides a warm, comforting glow. This particular scent is warm but there are five others to choose from that range from aloe and cactus flower to worn leather and smoke.

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