School Halloween- and Fall-Themed Parties

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Whether your autumn festivities are focused around Halloween or simply the fall season, there are a bevy of ways to get in the spirit. Planning a festival for the school is hard work, but it pays off when you see the children and their families having fun. These resources offer a variety of ways to celebrate the season at school. 

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    Organize a Halloween Carnival

    Halloween carnivals, hosted in the evening or on the weekends, can be a solution for schools who don't want to take time away from academics for a classroom party. However, it's a big undertaking for one person, so form a committee of parents and school staff to help with planning and enlist volunteers to assist with preparations and work at the actual event. Plan a variety of Halloween games for the students to play, and host a Halloween costume contest with a fabulous prize of the winner.

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    Plan Fall Festival

    If your school's policy is to honor autumn instead of Halloween, take the opportunity to plan a festival that's rife with educational activities, snacks, songs, and other ways to learn about the season. One benefit to hosting a fall festival instead of a Halloween event is that you can host it in September, when the weather is nicer and folks aren't so focused on everything spooky. Options for activities include pumpkin painting, build-your-own scarecrows, hayrides, and corn mazes.

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    Pumpkin Decorating Party Ideas

    Weather permitting, the schoolyard is a great place to host a pumpkin decorating party for students. The cafeteria is an indoor alternative because the available space and tables make for lots of room (and easy clean-up). That's not to say, however, this event can't be celebrated in the classroom. With enough parent helpers on hand, this party can be modified to suit any space your school provides. Best of all, these decorating ideas require no carving, which is more practical and easy to clean when you are in a school setting. 

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    Plan Harvest Party Games

    Host an outdoor harvest party, but think of it like a field day held in autumn. Gather students to play some of these fun, outdoor party games as part of a fun, fall-themed school celebration. If outdoor space is not available or the weather isn't cooperating, you can modify some of these games to be played indoors. If you plan to have the harvest party outside, plan a rain date or indoor option as well.

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    Set up a Classroom Door Decorating Contest

    Get inspired by Halloween-themed front doors, and have students help come up with a fun idea for decorating your classroom's door. You can even make this a school-wide decorating event with prizes.

    Another option is to host a scarecrow-decorating contest. Challenge each class to make a scarecrow to place outside of their classroom door. You can even use a theme for your scarecrow contest. Some ideas are a literary theme where the scarecrows are made to look like storybook characters from favorite books or where every class has to make their own scarecrow-version of the school's principal. Hold a season-long contest where students, faculty, administration, and visitors get to vote for their favorite one. Reward the winning class with a pizza party.