What Every Scorpio Needs to Know Before Decorating Their Home

A dark and moody living room with burgundy accents

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Decorating your home can be a fun and exciting experience, especially when you can show off your personality in your decor. While we may look to the latest trends to start the decorating process, we all have our own preferences and ideas about how to make our home look stylish. While some signs are known to have a natural talent for decorating, other signs might have a different experience: a perfect example being the reserved, passionate Scorpio.

Scorpios are known for their intensity and desire for privacy and can often appear mysterious and even elusive. If you're a Scorpio trying to get started with decorating your home, check out these 10 tips below for some direction.

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    Black Is Your Power Color

    All zodiac signs have a power color that revitalizes and energizes them—and for Scorpio, that color is black. This doesn't mean you have to paint every available surface a shade of onyx, but it doesn't hurt to bring in some black accents or even work with darker furniture shades. Whether you prefer something more drastic or simple touches, this hue can go a long way in shaping your space.

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    Create Some Privacy

    Scorpios tend to be fairly reserved with certain aspects of their personality. You aren't someone who allows just anyone to know more about you—it only makes sense that this idea would also be incorporated into how you design your space. Whether it's through hollowed-out decor you can store items in, large partitions that help divide up a room, or decadent curtains that keep the outside world from peering in, there are plenty of ways to create the privacy you crave.

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    Your Bedroom Is Your Safe Haven

    Speaking of privacy, it's not a surprise that your bedroom is your safe haven. The bedroom is often a room hidden away from guests and is meant for you to relax and unwind from the day—so paying special attention to it makes sense. Opt for comfortable sheets and pillows, and choose decorative floor-to-ceiling curtains to keep things decadent as well as private.

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    Don't Underestimate Mood Lighting

    You aren't one that prefers harsh, single overhead lighting. You prefer to create a mood; one that allows you to relax. Rather than sticking with one main light source, opt for multiple types of lamps or even a lighting system that allows you to adjust the lights to the brightness you prefer. Also, never underestimate the power of lit candles in a dim room during the evening.

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    Create a Cohesive Environment

    While you may be a water sign, you're also known as a "fixed" sign—meaning you have a soft spot for security and structure. You like things to feel cohesive and put together. Try establishing a simple theme that can be recreated throughout the home. While each room doesn't have to look exactly the same, opt for colors or patterns that can be used in multiple ways. The feeling of unity and repetition will allow you to feel peaceful regardless of where you are in your home.

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    Embrace Decadent Yet Comforting Textures

    Texture plays a big role for you—comfort definitely is a priority. You aren't afraid of the dramatic or bold, so luxurious textures like velvet would work well for your space. However, embracing comforting versions like cotton or plush will allow you to feel safe and secure while also looking sophisticated.

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    Embrace Water Elements in Your Space

    As a water sign, it's no secret that water brings you some type of comfort. Even color and texture, like artistic prints of the ocean, can add a dose of this element in a subtle way. Try embracing water elements into your space if you're able, such as a small fountain feature. If not, then try giving special attention to the spaces in your home dedicated to water, such as your bathroom.,

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    Keep Clutter Organized and Tucked Away

    You tend to like things done a certain way, and who can blame you? At times you feel the need to retreat from the rest of the world and just relax—but that's difficult if your home is filled with clutter and no space to put it. When decorating, try working with pieces that provide extra storage so you can tuck things away when they aren't in use. If you aren't buying new items, try rearranging your room differently that allows for more open space and better organization for what you already own. Keeping things clear is a good way to keep you less stressed in the long run.

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    Feel Free to Go Bold

    While you aren't someone who needs the attention of the world, this doesn't mean you aren't a daring person when it comes to your life. While you can go the minimalist and understated route if you choose, don't feel like you can't go bold with your decor choices as well. From dark colors to mixing designs and styles—embrace that creative side of yourself.

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    Don't Isolate Yourself Too Much

    While we've emphasized how important it is to create dedicated space for yourself and to protect your privacy, don't go overboard and isolate yourself too much. Allow the natural light in from time to time, embrace some open concepts that allow one room to flow into the next rather than keeping everything regimented and divided. Your space will always be yours, but that doesn't mean it has to be boarded up or shrouded only in darkness.