Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller

Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller
Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller. 3M

Scotch-Brite's Carpet Touch-Up Roller has been discontinued.  You can still find it available from some online retailers, but it may be difficult.  There aren't any other products similar to recommend at this time.  The closest thing that will provide the same function is a large sized lint roller, although the handle will not have the length this product did.

If you need a product that will help remove lint, hair, pet fur, dust, and dirt from many surfaces in your home, this product could be a great help. Instead of dragging out a vacuum, the Scotch-Brite Carpet Touch-Up Roller can pick up a lot of debris quickly and easily. Like a giant sized lint roller, this tool is great for in-between cleanups. After rolling the Touch-Up Roller around thesurface of your carpet, you are likely to see that the roller is filled with hair and other small debris that your vacuum cleaner may have missed completely.  The surface is extremely sticky and manages to grab quite a bit with only a few rolls across any surface. Keep in mind, though, that larger items like cereal pieces and food particles may not stick fully and be removed.  This tool is more for hair and small messes than large particles.


  • The Super Sticky sheets tear off easily when the roller is full, but because they fill up quickly, you may be tearing off quite a bit.
  • The Carpet Touch-Up Roller can be used with a long handle, or without for smaller jobs.
  • The Touch-Up Roller is especially effective on pet hair.


  • The Carpet Touch-Up Roller doesn't pick up large debris, like cereal or large cracker crumbs.
  • A nice lint roller can provide much of the same functions as the Touch-Up roller for a much cheaper price point.


  • Starter Kit retails for $9.99.
  • Refills retail for $4.99.
  • Long handle is removable, making the touch-up roller easy to use for smaller surface areas.

Guide Review - Carpet Touch-Up Roller

The Starter Kit comes with a handle, roller with 24 sheets, and storage caddie.

Each refill roller comes with 40 sheets.

Although the Carpet Roller does a fantastic job on hair, dust, pet hair, and small debris, it doesn't do well with bigger pieces of dirt. The caddie easily stores the Carpet Touch-Up Roller to protect the sticky sheets.  I had a little trouble with the sticky sheets actually getting them in the trash can.  They like to stick to all the surfaces.  My advice is to fold the sheets in half before tossing them in the trash can.