43 Dazzling Screen Porch Ideas

The weather is getting warmer, the school year is finally winding down, and best of all... screen porch season is officially here. If you're lucky enough to have a screen porch to call your own, you may be looking to dust it off and give it a bit of a makeover prior to another year of outdoor gatherings with family and friends. Not sure where to begin? We've rounded up 43 of our favorite screen porches that are loaded with inspiration, whether you're simply looking to add some new accessories to your space or are eager to complete a major transformation.

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    Add Pretty Pendant Lighting

    Tasha screen porch


    Blogger Tasha opted to install eye-catching pendant lights on her screened porch. Paired with woven dining chairs and a rattan lounger, the style she chose looks right at home. If you're a fellow 70s design enthusiast, you may wish to implement similar textures in your own space.

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    Include Familial Touches

    Beth Hunter screen porch

    Beth Hunter

    Beth Hunter took her screen porch from bland to beautiful with the addition of a cheerful blue and white carpet, comfortable outdoor seating, and charming throw pillows. An oversized family portrait makes for the perfect finishing touch. Family photos certainly don't have to be confined to indoor spaces.

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    Embrace Abstract Design

    Liz Goldberg screen porch

    Michael Moss Photogaphy

    There's no reason that stunning artwork can't be displayed outdoors on the porch. Designer Liz Goldberg of CAROLYNLEONA chose to give an abstract painting the royal treatment by placing it front and center on her client's mantel.

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    Bring in a Beach Theme

    Nancy Christopher screen porch

    Nancy Christopher

    After living in her home for 12 years, Nancy Christopher decided to give her screen porch a major makeover. Using thrifted and affordable finds, she created a beach-chic getaway right at home, without breaking the bank.

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    Reach for the Rainbow

    Haneen Matt screen porch

    Haneen Matt

    Haneen Matt didn't shy away bold colors when decorating her screen porch, and the vibrant hues she selected make her space nice and inviting. Garden stools—which can be used to set drinks on but can also double as extra seating—are always a practical touch.

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    Have a Plant Party

    Zoe Hunt screen porch

    Zoe Hunt

    Zoe Hunt made over her screen porch in just a single weekend, and the results couldn't be more dramatic. Plant lovers will love how Hunt displayed green friends on a statement wall, which adds style and privacy to the space. You could even opt for faux plants if you're worried about keeping real ones alive.

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    Do Some DIY

    Robin Gay screen porch

    Robin Gay

    When revamping her screen porch, Robin Gay thought carefully about all of the details—a DIY pallet clock, DIY orb light, and terra cotta garden stool were all part of her design scheme. Styled together, the pieces make for a sweet, rustic retreat.

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    Try a Fun Theme

    Jane Windham screen porch

    Jane Windham

    Jane Windham's watermelon-themed porch features welcoming pops of color and is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy a warm summer day (preferably with a slice of the fruit in hand!).

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    Create Your Own Custom Items

    Doreen Cagno screen porch

    Doreen Cagno

    If you can't find a throw pillow you absolutely love, why not go the crafty route? Doreen Cagno made her own pillow covers using tea towels that she purchased at HomeGoods, and they complement her striped rug perfectly. You could also repurpose fabric from curtains or other past projects if you're looking to save some cash.

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    Include Plenty of Seating

    Ashley Teale screen porch

    Ashley Teale

    Don't skimp on quality seating. Ashley Teale opted for plush woven chairs that will make guests feel nice and comfy while dining al fresco. We can't get enough of their fun shape, either.

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    Choose a Classic Look

    Linda Braden screen porch

    Linda Braden

    You can't get more classic than navy, white, and a basket filled with hydrangeas. Traditionalists will swoon over Linda Braden's preppy porch setup. And how about those fun seahorse pillows?

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    Try Old Hollywood Glam

    Julie Ryan screen porch

    Julie Ryan

    Julie Ryan's combination of banana leaf prints and black and white stripes brings a major Hollywood Regency vibe to her screen porch. A large rug ties the space together while complementing the pillows' leafy pattern.

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    Bring Out the Indoor Elements

    Emily Clark screen porch

    Emily Clark

    Emily Clark was able to bring the indoors outside by adding traditional living room elements, such as a large mirror and ginger jars, to her screen porch. She even incorporated a stylish table lamp.

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    Hang a Swing

    Sandra Powell screen porch

    Ashley / Cream to My Coffee

    Featuring a classic porch swing and a DIY table built from pallets, Ashley of Cream to My Coffee's screen porch is casual and comforting. Flowers displayed in Mason jars complete the laid-back look.

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    Lay Out the Rugs

    Christy Little screen porch

    Christy Little

    Christy Little gave her screen porch plenty of new life by painting her console table a deep navy, adding an outdoor rug, and incorporating budget-friendly finds. Little incorporated indoor/outdoor side tables that make for the perfect place to set a glass of lemonade.

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    Embrace a Boho Design

    Maggie Overby screen porch

    Maggie Overby

    Maggie Overby's boho screen porch has all of the makings of a chill hangout space: fringed pillows, a woven ottoman, and even airy curtains. Colorful wicker furniture is an excellent way to express your personality while sticking with traditional outdoor pieces. Guests are bound to feel relaxed and free from the moment they step inside.

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    Add Some Glamour

    Brittany Bailey screen porch

    Brittany Bailey

    Brittany Bailey completed a major screen porch revamp, tearing up carpet and painting screen frames before introducing new, colorful furniture into the space. Accessories like a velvet pouf, candlesticks, and sculptural objects steal the show.

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    Incorporate Textures

    Kitty Cotten screen porch

    Kitty Cotten

    Kitty Cotten's screen porch is a texture lover's dream. Featuring exposed beams, shiplap walls, and wicker galore, the space is simultaneously eye-catching and soothing. Wall hooks make the space inviting for guests stopping by, too.

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    Try All-Jute

    Brendt Blanks screen porch

    Brendt Blanks

    A classic jute rug looks lovely truly anywhere. Brendt Blanks added one to her screen porch with coordinating wicker furniture pieces. Pillows and blankets aplenty encourage guests to sit down and make themselves at home.

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    Go for a Rustic Look

    Melissa MacGregor screen porch

    Melissa McGregor

    Weathered trunks make for stylish outdoor coffee tables, particularly if you're going for a rustic vibe on your screen porch. Melissa MacGregor positioned one next to her outdoor sofa and it looks charming while offering welcome storage potential.

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    Pot Some Hydrangeas

    Kristin Chambless screen porch

    Kristin Chambless

    Sometimes, simple is best! Kristin Chambless kept her screen porch nice and neutral but added in bright hydrangeas for a seasonally appropriate pop of color. Plants are always an easy way to dress up a space on the cheap. (We won't tell anyone if you opt for fake flowers, either.)

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    Make a Swing the Centerpiece

    Rhoda Hendrix screen porch

    Rhoda Hendrix

    Rhoda Hendrix's screen porch has it all: a full-sized sofa, swing, bar cart, and more. Placing a bar cart outside, whether you use it to serve drinks or set it up to display decor, adds instant sophistication and utility. Why head back inside when everything you need to chill is within an arm's reach?

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    Create a High-Tech Hideaway

    Krystine Edwards screen porch

    Krystine Edwards

    Krystine Edwards' screen porch has it all—yes, even a TV! With all of the key elements of a living room, including plenty of lighting, who would ever want to go back inside? Families who love to host movie nights or have friends over for sports games may wish to consider replicating this setup.

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    Hang Lovely Lanterns

    Deb Vuagniaux screen porch

    Deb Vuagniaux 

    Deb Vuagniaux's bright, boho screen porch is bound to be the life of the party. It's proof that there's no need to confine loud area rugs to indoor spaces—they provide so much positive energy no matter where they're placed. Go ahead and layer a few if that strikes your fancy.

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    Make a Cozy Space By the Fire

    Catherine French screen porch

    Catherine French

    When a screen porch features a fireplace, it becomes an even more special place to gather. Hence, extra-comfy seating is a must, as seen in this space by designer Catherine French

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    Decorate With Plants

    Leslie Davis screen porch

    Leslie Davis

    It's all in the details! Leslie Davis carefully decorated every inch of her screen porch, incorporating accents including decorative boxes, trays, and even a small terrarium to create a lived-in atmosphere.

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    Pick Peppy Hues

    Camel Phillips screen porch

    Carmel Phillips

    Carmel Phillips's pink and green porch sure is sweet. A new hue can go such a long way in transforming a space and adding new personality to a home—so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and grab that paint brush!

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    Create a Child-Friendly Space

    Linda screen porch


    Linda's family-friendly porch features a utility cart turned toy station that her children can easily access while playing outside. Metal carts like these are easy to spray paint different colors, too. The key when decorating a screen porch is to design it to reflect your household's needs and lifestyle—functionality is essential.

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    Decorate Like a Passport to Europe

    Tracey screen porch


    Tracey gave her porch European flair by incorporating Old World style decor and keeping the space looking nice and luxe with mirrors and neatly pruned greenery. There's no need to travel long distances when your own home feels like a faraway oasis.

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    Go Wild About Wicker

    Lizzie Cox screen porch

    Kip Dawkins 

    Don't worry about wicker furnishings seeming overdone—they remain a screen porch classic and are a favorite of designer Lizzie Cox who paired oversized chairs with summery throw pillows.

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    Include All the Essentials

    Holli Rodrigues screen porch

    Holli Rodrigues 

    Holli Rodrigues's porch puts many people's living rooms to shame. Featuring a wooden dresser, a few favorite vintage pieces, and plenty of comfy textiles, it's a stylish and serene place to lounge on warm weather evenings. Bring on the boho vibes.

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    Install Smart Shelving

    Rachel Van Kluyve screen porch

    Rachel Van Kluyve 

    Rachel Van Kluyve made room for a sectional and a dining nook on her screen porch, demonstrating that it's easy to recreate all of the functionality of indoor living spaces outside. To prove this point further is her use of open shelving and sconces. A soothing rug helps create a separate zone to divide up this expansive space.

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    Choose Neat Neutrals

    Cristin Cooper screen porch

    Cristin Cooper screen porch

    Cristin Cooper also styled a large living space on her screen porch, rooting the design in neutrals. In lieu of a standard fan, she installed a chandelier, which looks lovely and provides a calming glow at night. We're all about the ambiance!

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    Create an Indoor/Outdoor Hybrid Space

    Sara Hillery screen porch

    Kip Dawkins

    Sara Hillery designed this screen porch and opted to mix outdoor furniture with traditionally indoor styles. This particular hybrid adds intrigue to the space without sacrificing comfort.

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    Decorate for Fun and Festive

    Jenni screen porch


    Cozy up your space for the chillier months by adding a sheepskin throw or textured blanket as Jenni did in her home. Make a few small tweaks each season and there's no reason why your space can't serve as a year-round hangout spot.

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    Go for All the Prints

    Whitney Durham

    Lauren Chambers Photography

    Go ahead and mix those patterns! Whitney Durham designed this screen porch and incorporated animal print, florals, stripes, and more to create a vibrant space. The patterns she used provide plenty to admire without feeling overwhelming—the key here was laying low on accessories and focusing on textiles instead.

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    Pick Show-stopping Colors

    Whitney Durham screen porch

    Heidi Harris Photography

    In this space, Whitney Durham jazzed up simple furniture with bold hues and prints that conveyed her client's personality—a chic blanket can serve as a major showstopper in any space.

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    Add a Sneaky Screen

    Bartone Interiors screen porch

    Lissa Gotwalls Photography

    Surprise! The screen on this porch retracts like a curtain. This luxe solution as seen in the above space by Bartone Interiors is the perfect compromise for those who desire a year-round space but also enjoy a patio-like feel.

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    Create a Cheerful Cluster

    Styled by A.R.K. screen porch

    Styled by A.R.K.

    It's A-OK to station screen porch seating like you would in a more traditional living room by grouping chairs in a cluster around a coffee table. The above space by Styled by A.R.K. masters this layout wonderfully.

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    Find a Minimal Moment

    Hendricks Churchill screen porch

    Amanda Kirkpatrick

    Embrace simpler times by opting for picnic table style seating on the screen porch as seen in this space by like Hendricks Churchill. This minimal setup allows the surrounding natural features—bright light and a gorgeous view—to truly shine.

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    Include Something Shiny

    Laura Putnam screen porch

    Laura Putnam

    Laura Putnam skillfully added aluminum touches—like a lantern and watering can—to her screen porch for some subtle shine. As a bonus, these pieces complement her industrial style outdoor dining table seating, too.

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    Don't Forget Traditional Touches

    Perlmutter & Freiwald screen porch

    Perlmutter & Freiwald

    Bring that coffee table book collection outside if you wish! There's no need to purchase separate decor for your screen porch; anything you'd normally display in your living room is fair game as demonstrated by this space by Perlmutter & Freiwald Interior Design.

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    Make It in the Shade

    R. Johnston Interiors screen porch

    R. Johnston Interiors 

    Block out the sun with stunning shades like the ones used in this screen porch by R. Johnston Interiors. An expansive sectional offers enough room for the entire family and beyond to bask in the sun.