Scrub Daddy Just Added a New Smiling Face to Its Collection

Introducing the Dish Daddy

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Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy

The Spruce / Illustration by Amy Sheehan / Dish Daddy

Cleaning dishes isn’t a task that many people love, but the designers at Scrub Daddy just made it much easier, and more fun, to tackle the endless pile of dishes in your sink. Their newest product, Dish Daddy, is an oval scrubber, designed with the same technology as the original Scrub Daddy, attached to a self-standing, soap dispensing wand. 

While there are already several soap dispensing wands on the market, this wand promises new features like a built-in drain and dual-locking soap dispense system.

Scrub Daddy first gained traction after airing on Shark Tank in 2013 and has since been named “Shark Tank’s most successful product to date.” The brand’s collection of products are designed with patented texture changing scrubbers, smell-resistant sponges, and scratch-free scour pads.

Earlier in March, Scrub Daddy also announced their new BBQ Daddy scrubber ahead of the summer grilling season. The product features a FlexTexture foam scrubber that firms when dipped in cold water and slowly softens as steam releases on the grill grates. Plus, there’s no need to worry about poking yourself with sharp bristles because of this scrubber’s unique pad design.

Although it didn’t seem like the maker of the friendly sponge could top their already overwhelming success, the latest releases in their cleaning armada proves that they don’t plan on slowing down any time soon. Avid Scrub Daddy fans are sure to find even more reasons to love the brand with these new products.

Dish Daddy

Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy

Scrub Daddy

The Dish Daddy’s self-standing wand rests on the edge of a sink, and won’t leave a puddle of soapy water thanks to a v-shaped groove that guides excess water back into your sink. The wand also has a scraper edge for any stubborn, or burnt-on, messes. To fill the wand, simply unscrew the base of the wand and fill it with your favorite liquid dish soap. A huge plus: the scrubber head is top-rack dishwasher friendly for no-fuss washing. The FlexTexture foam scrubber head is also scratch-free and safe to use on cast iron, glass, non-stick, copper, and stainless steel. Scrubber refills are also available to purchase.

BBQ Daddy

Scrub Daddy BBQ Daddy

Scrub Daddy

A stainless steel scraper on the opposite side of this scrubber helps with any thick, charred bits, and a knob on the handle offers more leverage while cleaning. The BBQ Daddy also has a retractable hook that can be used to lift grill grates or hang on a hook when not in use. A bottle opener is located on the base of the handle because it only makes sense to enjoy a cold beverage while cleaning your grill

BBQ Daddy Bundle and Grill Master Bundle

Scrub Daddy BBQ Daddy Bundle and Grill Master Bundle

Scrub Daddy

The BBQ Daddy is also available in a bundle that includes a scrubbing head refill. A larger bundle, the BBQ Daddy Grill Master Bundle, includes a scrubber refill and a two-count pack of the BBQ Daddy Scour Steel pads, designed for hardened and charred messes on grill grates.