I Used to Dread Doing Dishes, But This Dish Wand Has Changed the Game

The Scrub Daddy Dish Wand is a dish-saver

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Dish Daddy wand washing a dish.

Photo: Scrub Daddy / Image Treatment: The Spruce

I have a confession: social media algorithms officially know me. I buy an absurd amount of home decor, organizing, and cleaning items specifically because they have a) appeared on my explore page, b) targeted me with an ad, or c) gone viral.

It used to be embarrassing. Someone would compliment me and ask me where I got something, and I would have to say, ‘Instagram.’ Now, I embrace it and am ready to share my most recent favorite purchase: the Scrub Daddy Dish Wand, as seen everywhere on TikTok.

I’ll be honest: I avoided this brand for a long time. I didn’t like the name and didn’t love the smiley faces. I found both unsettling, and now, I’m as upset as anyone to admit that I was wrong. It doesn’t matter what they’re called, it doesn’t matter what the sponge looks like—I can no longer live without the Scrub Daddy Dish Wand.

Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy Wand

Scrub Daddy Dish Daddy Wand


It’s a great alternative to ‘brush’ wands

I had originally bought a different dish wand, and I loved the concept. It had a brush instead of a sponge for the head, but the brush got gross fast. I also am so used to doing the dishes with a sponge that using a brush took some getting used to—and it was becoming completely impossible on things like utensils. In the end, I used the brush wand on larger pots and pans, but still used a regular sponge on my dishes and glassware.

The Scrub Daddy Dish wand works on everything, and that's what I love about it.

It’s clear when the sponge needs swapping

With an interchangeable sponge on the end, the Scrub Daddy Dish Wand is easy to keep clean and functional, and it’s very clear when the sponge needs to get swapped out.

It’s also super easy to detach and reattach the sponges because they’re secured to the wand with heavy-duty velcro strips. I didn’t realize how helpful this was until I needed to swap a sponge mid-clean-up. If you’ve ever tried to unscrew a dish wand when your hands are all wet, then you know a velcro system is much, much easier.

It removes the need for rubber gloves

I cannot stand rubber gloves. It’s mostly a texture thing, but I feel like my hands stop being functional as soon as I put them on. With the dish wand, you don’t need them, because your hands aren't as involved in the actual dishwashing.

While they still get wet, you come into contact with dish soap considerably less, which means they don't get nearly as dry as when you use a regular sponge.

It’s easy to see when the soap needs replacing

With our previous dish wand, you couldn’t see when you needed to refill the soap because the handle wasn’t clear. I usually didn’t realize the soap needed replacing until I was already in the middle of a scrub—meaning my hands were all wet, so unscrewing the top was a pain. 

This dish wand is clear, so you can see before you begin that it’s time for a top-up.

The sponges don't get gross

I often find that regular sponges get gross pretty fast. If you don't ring them out enough, they smell, and even then, they can take a long time to dry.

With the dish wand, because it's stored upright, it seems like the sponge dries faster and I haven't noticed a problem with odors at all. In fact, I usually only end up swapping them out if the sponge starts to deteriorate, which takes a while.

It has a scraper function

This is one of those features that's nice to have, even if I don't use it a ton. On the back of the sponge, there's a little scraper to help you get off the particularly stubborn bits left behind, usually in a baking dish or pot. I just recommend soaking the spot before attacking it accordingly.