7 Sculptural Seating Designs From Around The World

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    The Hunting Lines Sofa From Daniel Becker

    Like fashion, home decor has its avant-garde side. The side you see when designers are encouraged to push the envelope and create pieces that are as much works of art as they are functional pieces for living (or sometimes even more). The beauty of these works is in the way they break open what, for us, can easily become a very static concept of what a piece of furniture is, what it looks like and how it works. By reimagining the materials, the shape and the frame of the piece - even with something as simple as a chair - these designers are able to present us with a vision of a chair that's been completely transformed, opening us to new possibilities and new thoughts on design. These amazing designs come from workshops across the globe, giving us a look at not only different artistic takes on seating, but different cultural ideas as well. To celebrate the spirit of fashion-forward furniture design, here are 7 of our favorite sculptural seating designs.

    German designer Daniel Becker has made quite the statement with his Hunting Lines Sofa. At first glance, this unique combination of a sofa and a chaise lounge seems alluring yet mathematically improbable. But a closer inspection reveals a true marvel of modern design. The sleek, unusual lines of the piece actually create a very stable base to ensure stability. The half-back, while perhaps unsuited for filling the sofa with people, is perfect for one or two people who want to lay back and stretch out. And the striking black-and-yellow color palette will ensure that this sofa will demand attention in any room it's placed in.

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    The Morphogenesis Lounge From Timothy Schreiber

    Some designers look to nature and art for inspiration. Others go another route, pushing the staid dictates of science to produce new aesthetic forms. London-based designer Timothy Schreiber chose the latter route when designing his stunning Morphogenesis Lounge. A scientific wonder in the form of a perfectly designed chair, this lounge has earned every inch of its sci-fi appearance. The process for creating this piece first began with an intense study of the micro-structures that undergird natural forms. Following that, the design and optimization of the chair was carried out completely on computers, including proportioning and stress testing. The result is not only mathematically perfect but aesthetically striking as well. The frame is ergonomically designed to provide ideal support while giving the chair an overwhelmingly organic look and feel. An amazing piece that will propel any interior well into the future.  

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    The @ Chair From Brodie Neill

    Art should capture the spirit of the time. Furniture usually has more pedestrian goals. But while transcribing a zeitgeist into tangible form isn't usually the aim of a furniture designer, sometimes, when it's done exceptionally well, that's exactly what happens. Such was the case for Australian-born, RISD-educated designer, Brodie Neill when he designed the @ Chair. Created from one continuous line molded to form a sitting surface, it is also instantly recognizable as the ubiquitous symbol used in billions of social media messages every day. In a world where social media makes up most of what we do while sitting, what could be more appropriate? 

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    Steam 22 Bench From Bae Se Hwa

    Bae Se Hwa took a new look at nature with his Steam 22 Bench. Finding the perfect balance between technology and hand-crafted workmanship, the Korean designer steams wooden beams into malleable states before bending them into forms designed using computers. The lines of his collection, which include a number of seating options, are impossibly beautiful, with the wood taking on a natural looking curve that appears tailor-made to deliver the ultimate in comfort. 

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    Poufman by Qayot

    Ok, now this is just cool. Anyone who grew up during the early days of video games is going to love this playful offering from the Italian company, Qayot. Taking clear inspiration from the iconic Pac-Man games of the 1980s, these sectional poufs are a combination of comfort, culture and good design. But even more than being an amazing ode to a seminal moment in pop culture, these seats offer an astonishing level of opportunity for design creativity. Just a look at what's possible with two or more of these quirky little seats is enough to get your imagination racing.  

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    M'ama Non M'ama Chair From Sand & Birch

    "S/he loves me; s/he loves me not." Inspired by the romantic image of a wistful lover sitting and plucking through the leaves of a daisy, this chair from Italian design company, Sand & Birch, takes the metaphor one step further by giving the lover a daisy of their own to sit on while they think. Simultaneously industrial and modern in its design, the frame is made of polished aluminum folded into petals around a central bud and offered with a variety of covers to form the seat and back. A beautiful statement in metallics, there's no better place to sit and dream of the one you love. 

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    The RV1 Carbon Chair From Kris Lamba

    This remarkable piece of furniture is hand-made from a single piece of carbon fiber measuring more than 65 feet long. The designer, Kris Lamba is a largely self-taught craftsman living and working in the UK. With stress points digitally calculated to allow the chair to flex as the seated person shifts positions, the RV1 comes in black or white and can actually be placed in two distinct positions. That's a lot of versatility for one piece of carbon.