The Use of the Six Crystal Balls Feng Shui Cure

6 crystal balls cure
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 The 6 crystal balls cure is popular in feng shui in a strange kind of way. There is not much written or talked about this cure, but now and then you will hear from someone about the mysterious feng shui power of the 6 crystal balls.

Whenever a client asks me about it, it is always with a strange, secretive sense of mystery, which always gives this cure - or anything else for that matter - more power than it might actually have. So, let's part the mystery veils and see what makes the 6 crystal balls so powerfully attractive. And, do the 6 crystal balls really bring the energy they are known for?

Understanding a feng shui cure is not different from understanding any other symbol in your life - you start by looking at the obvious signs in order to decipher the basic language.

In this case, we are looking at 6 crystal balls - so logically we are looking at 2 factors. There must be something in feng shui about number 6 and about the power of crystal balls!

The energy of number 6 in feng shui symbolizes Heaven's Luck. This is based on the complex interplay of Taoist roots in feng shui, particularly the I Ching connection to the bagua, or the feng shui energy map. Number 6 belongs to the direction of Northwest (Heavenly Blessings) and is considered to express the energy of expansion, limitless energy, and heavenly luck.

So, we've just solved part of the 6 crystal balls mystery - number 6 is used to bring the energy of heaven's luck. How about the next piece of the puzzle - the crystal balls - what energy do they bring?

The feng shui use of the 6 crystal balls is a bit different from the use of crystal balls for magic, or occult purposes. Neither the power to see the future nor look into the past is being used in feng shui.

Crystal balls are used for their energy of harmony and perfection owing to the spherical shape - considered the superior shape since ancient times - as well as, of course, the energy of the quartz crystal (or any other crystal or stone the sphere is made from).

So, there you go, we have the basics of the 6 crystal balls cure clear. It makes perfect sense that the energy this cure will bring is a smooth, harmonious energy "encoded" with the feng shui energy of heavenly blessings.

Now, if you like the sound of it all, how do you actually use the 6 balls feng shui cure in your own home or office?

Because crystals and stones represent the earth feng shui element energy, the 6 crystal balls feng shui cure can be used in an area of your home or office that is either governed or benefits from the earth element. It is helpful to understand the interaction of the five feng shui elements in order to define the best placement of any cure.

Here is a shortcut to make it easier for you:

  • Bagua areas governed by the Earth element: Southwest, Northeast, and Center.
  • Bagua areas nourished by the Earth element: West, Northwest, East, Southeast.

If you have been exploring feng shui for a while, you know that each of these areas is responsible for the quality of specific energies in your life. For example, the Southwest bagua area holds the Love & Marriage energy, while the East bagua area has the energy of your Health & Well-Being.

So, for good feng shui, it is safe to place the 6 crystal balls cure in any of these bagua areas, depending on your specific goals. Here are some specific examples:​

To strengthen the energy of abundance, you can place the 6 crystal balls cure in the Southeast and choose a stone that has wealth properties, such as the citrine or pyrite.

To nourish and strengthen a calm flow of loving energy, place the 6 crystal balls cure (made from rose quartz) in the Southwest (Love & Marriage Area) of your home.

Or, you can always choose 6 clear quartz crystal balls for any bagua area because clear quartz has overall strong properties that you can charge with your specific intent. Place your crystals in a bowl or any other attractive container made from an earth material, such as clay, porcelain or ceramics.

Feng shui-wise, we are in the so-called period 8, which is governed by the Earth element energy; this makes the 6 crystal balls cure considered very auspicious.

Is there an easy way to decide where to place the 6 crystal balls if you do not have time to look into the bagua of your home? Yes, you can't go wrong if you place the 6 crystal balls in your living room, for example, or in the center of your home.

Sometimes you can see the 6 crystal balls cure placed on a circular plate with the star of David formation, plus an array of other additional elements, such as specific engravings, symbols, colours or images. Is this more powerful than the simple 6 crystal balls in a bowl? Not necessarily.

If you are drawn to the 6 crystal balls cure with the additional enhancements such as the ones listed above, be sure you understand the meaning of all extra elements - (star of David energetics, mantra symbols, etc) before you place it in your home.

And, most importantly, be sure to take good care of your crystals and clear their energy from time to time; this helps crystals take good care of the energy in your home.

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