How to Write Second-Time-Around Baby Shower Invitations

Woman opens baby shower gifts

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Just because the expected baby isn’t the first, doesn't mean the newborn shouldn't receive a special welcome to the world. It can be difficult to word these second-time-around showers. As a parent usually puts so much attention on the firstborn, they may worry that friends and family members might grow tired of baby announcements. Help expectant parents to celebrate with a baby shower for a second or subsequent child. Every child is special, unique, and deserves their own period of acknowledgment.

Second-Time-Around Showers

When a parent is celebrating the birth of a child, and it isn't their firstborn, sometimes these showers are called “second-time-around” showers. Alternatively, they may be called “sprinkle” showers because instead of the usual items given at showers that help first time parents set up the new nursery, sprinkle showers are for sprinkling good wishes along with those little helpful items that any baby needs, whether it’s the first or the sixth arrival to the family. We could all use a little well-wishing as a family continues to grow and expand.

What to Include on the Invitations

On these invitations, you will want to include all of the details your invited guests need to know about the party to be able to decide whether or not they can attend and how they can RSVP to the invitation. Many of these details are expected for most invitations to events, but some things like a response card are not typical for baby showers. Many people might even choose a more casual setting and style of the shower for their second born. Often times, all the commotion isn't necessary, and the mother just wants to celebrate her next child with her nearest and dearest. These details will include:

  • Guest of honor
  • Date
  • Time the shower begins
  • Time the shower will end
  • Place with address and directions
  • How to RSVP (unless these are formal invitations and you’ve included a response card, something which isn’t typical for a baby shower); RSVP information might include a home phone number, cell phone number, email address.
  • The theme of the shower, if it applies

Invitation etiquette is crucial if you are planning to host a number of upcoming events. As a host, you must learn to manage the responsibilities that come with coordinating the event with ease under pressure. After some practice, you will be natural and sharing event planning advice with friends who ask you how you get it all done.

Alternative Invitation Phrases

If interested, here is some extra help with the wording on those invites if you want to stray for the normal, "It's a Baby" greeting.

  • Little nose
    Little toes
    Bring little gifts
    Tied up in bows
    Come to a sprinkle shower
    For Merilee’s second child

  • All babies are a blessing
    Join us in celebrating the
    Pending arrival of
    Annie’s new little arrival at a
    Sprinkle shower.

  • They have the car seat
    They have the crib
    But they can never have enough
    of the love we have to give.
    Join us to welcome Patty and Tom’s
    New little boy at a sprinkle shower.
    Bring diapers and onesies and new baby toys.
    Just small little gifts to share in their joy.