Secondhand Selling Tips

Sellers at Burkliplatz Flea Market in Zurich
CC BY 2.0, Burkliplatz Flea Market: Zurich by jay8085

Whether you want to open a flea market booth or just clear your house of clutter, do the job right. Your goal is to make the most profit with the least amount of stress and hassle. Before you put the goods out for sale, read these secondhand selling tips:

How to Organize a Successful Yard Sale

Holding a yard sale can be easy money -- or it can cause you to tear out your hair and scream “never again.” Reduce your stress level and increase your profits by organizing your sale well in advance of the sale date.

Yard Sale Timeline and Checklist

Two of the biggest keys to holding a profitable, successful yard sale are following a timeline and tracking your progress with a checklist.

If you skip this part, you may find that shoppers are arriving and you don’t have any change. Or worse, shoppers are arriving and the merchandise isn’t out yet.

How to Advertise Your Yard Sale

Fabulous goods at low prices won’t help you if nobody knows about your yard sale.

Make sure your shoppers are adding you to their yard sale routes with a combination of signage, online listings, and classified ads. The more shoppers you have, the more profit you’ll make -- and you won’t have to move all that stuff back into the house when the sale ends.

How to Start a Flea Market Business

When you’re ready to take your secondhand shopping to the professional level, you may decide to start a flea market business. You can specialize in antique and vintage home furnishings, handmade arts and crafts, vintage clothing or jewelry, or even food goods.

Whichever you choose, the tips to starting your business are basically the same.

Flea Market vs. Antique Mall

If you know you want to open a booth, but you can't decide between a flea market or antique mall, compare the differences between the two to determine which is a better fit.

You may sell your goods faster at a flea market, but you don’t have to man an antique mall booth, which gives the weekends to shop for new stock.

Flea markets also require a lot of chatting with customers, which is ideal for an extrovert. If you tend toward the shy side, you might prefer the antique mall option.

Starting a Specialty Booth at a Flea Market or Antique Mall

Make your flea market or yard sale booth a go-to spot for regular shoppers by starting a specialty booth. You can focus on a specific type of merchandise, for example, or on goods from a particular historical period.