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Cover of Seed Savers Exchange 2011 catalog.
Cover of Seed Savers Exchange 2011 catalog. Photo © Seed Savers Exchange

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Seed Savers Exchange is a bit unique among seed companies. They're not a for-profit company; they are actually a nonprofit with a mission to preserve heirloom seeds that are in danger of going extinct. They're member-supported and their aim is also to create a community of seed savers who are committed to preserving our nation's gardening legacy.

This year, I got a lot of Seed Savers Exchange seeds.

Dwarf Gray Sugar Peas don't need trellising. I like! Amish Snap Peas are an heirloom variety from the Amish and can be picked for up to six weeks, which is neat. Golden Sweet Peas were collected at a market in India and work great in stir-fry.

In the lettuce department, I have Tango, a lovely green-leaf variety that's slow to bolt. Red Romaine is a pretty gourmet addition to a salad mix. And Slobolt is described as "a garden standard since 1946," and promises to produce all summer.

I'm also excited to see how the Red Russian and Dwarf Blue Curled Scotch Kales produce. And Five-Color Silverbeet, aka Rainbow Chard, is one of my favorite chard varieties. "Tender and delicious" - I agree!

You can join the Seed Savers Exchange and buy any of these varieties for your own farm or garden. Think of all the appeal heirloom varieties hold at the farmers market. Plus, you'll know you're doing your part to help preserve heirloom varieties.

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