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Indoor drying line
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An indoor drying rack is one of the most useful laundry tools. Air drying clothes will make them last longer, prevent stretching and some shrinkage. Drying racks are perfect for delicate clothes or heavy rugs that should not go in the dryer.

An indoor rack is also handy to use outdoors if your neighborhood has banned full-sized outdoor clotheslines. They take up a small footprint and can easily be moved in and out.

With a wide variety of styles available, you are sure to find a drying rack to fit your space (great for dorm rooms) and laundry needs.

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    X-frame Clothes Drying Rack

    X wing folding rack

    One of the oldest styles, X-frame drying racks are sturdy and able to hold a number of garments. They are lightweight and collapsible. When collapsed, the rack can be easily stored behind a door, in a closet or even under the bed. These are a good choice for air-drying heavier clothes or throw rugs. While most are made from wood, sizes and finishes vary.

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    Gullwing-frame Clothes Drying Rack

    gullwing clothesline

    Y-frame drying racks over more space for drying clothes. They are made of lightweight metal and collapse flat for storing.

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    Sweater Drying Rack

    sweater drying rack

    Hand washed sweaters must be dried flat to retain their shape (other clothes can benefit as well). A sweater drying rack is wonderful for keeping your sweater looking its best. Made of lightweight plastic and mesh fabric, air flows freely around the sweater and speeds drying. The drying racks can be used over the bathtub, in a shower or on top of the washer so that dripping water will not damage floors or tabletops.

    Many sweater drying racks have two or three drying surfaces so that you can have a marathon sweater wash and save time.

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    Retractable Wall Mount Drying Rack

    retractable indoor clothesline

    A retractable drying rack is perfect for small spaces where a permanent rack is not appropriate. While not ideal for heavy items that need to dry, it is very good for lightweight garments like lingerie. It should be installed where dripping water will not harm any surfaces.

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    Over-the-Tub Clothes Drying Rack

    over the tub dryer

    A rack that fits over the bathtub is an excellent choice for heavy items that are difficult to wring. The tub catches all the water and keeps floors safe and dry. These a-frames fold for easy storage.

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    Over-the-door Clothes Drying Rack

    over the door drying rack

    Most over the door drying racks have collapsible shelves when not in use. These are good for lightweight items or for damp towels but not for heavy or dripping wet clothes.

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    Magnetic Clothes Drying Rack

    magnetic rack

    Designed to attach magnetically to a metal door or to the side of your washer or dryer, this is handy for lightweight small items like lingerie or hand towels. It is removable without harming appliance or door surfaces.

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    Expandable Wall Mount Clothes Drying Rack

    wall mounted dryer

    This rack is a good solution for small spaces and lightweight garments like lingerie. It is not appropriate for large items or very wet and dripping items.

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