Selling Sunset-Inspired Decor Tips to Transform Your Home Into an LA-Style Pad

From the experts

a neutral living room looks like one you might see on Selling Sunset

Blanche Garcia

Whether you’re a real estate fanatic or just tune into Selling Sunset for Christine’s wild outfits and all of the drama (hey, we’ve all been there!), you can agree that the homes featured on the show are pretty darn stunning to say the least. Unfortunately, these properties come with some majorly wow-worthy price tags, but don’t worry—if you love their aesthetic, you can easily replicate it in your own space. The experts at Stelrad have compiled a list of the features that make the Selling Sunset homes sing, including neutral decor, mirrors, Japandi style, hallway decor, and patio doors. Here, we delve into these characteristics and what makes them so special, and interior designers chime in and share their own thoughts about the Selling Sunset look, too! 

Neutral Decor 

We’ve been seeing a rise in neutral decor over the past several years, and it’s still having a major moment—both on Selling Sunset and on the ‘gram. The easiest way to go neutral, according to the Stelrad team? Paint your walls! But if you can spend a bit more, they also suggest tackling your floors and opting for a pale wood.

Of course, it’s also easy to add pops of neutral hues in the form of accessories like accent rugs, slipcovers, and wall decor. And products are just a click away. Retailers such as West Elm, CB2, and Zara Home offer all types of on-trend, neutral decor pieces for any budget. 


Sure, Selling Sunset stars definitely don’t mind admiring their reflections, but mirrors are more than just functional pieces in these homes. And, as the Stelrad experts note, while the Selling Sunset properties are large enough that they don’t require mirrors to create the illusion of more space, such pieces can still provide some welcome height. “Floor-to-ceiling mirrors can give the illusion of high ceilings if placed in the correct position,” the experts noted. “Not to mention, tall and slender mirrors can actually create a multitude of optical illusions by mimicking a narrow hallway, which will make your room look even bigger.” 

Japandi Style

Unfamiliar with Japandi style? It’s a hybrid of Japanese and Scandinavian design that combines the best of both styles, Stelrad experts noted. “While Japanese emphasis on minimalism makes it too sleek for some, Scandi‘s penchant for layers and coziness...brings the balance. Think simple neutral colours, low-key artwork and minimal clutter, with the addition of textured cushions, throws and linen bedspreads.” 

And Japandi style plays on the love for neutrals noted earlier. “One of the great aspects of Japandi style is that the neutral palette and clean simple lines help draw attention to the architectural details,” designer Julia Newman said. 

Designer Blanche Garcia is also a proponent of this design style, which will help put homeowners at ease. “I have always been a big believer of allowing your space to support your life, rather than be the star of your life,” she commented. “In case you’re not sure, the star should be you. So design elements that utilize neutral colors and textures are a great way to achieve this because it immediately calms and puts you in a relaxed mood,” she said of Japandi style. 

Natural elements and a less is more philosophy are also integral when decorating in the Japandi aesthetic

Hallway Decor

Let’s hear it for the hallway! This space is your blank canvas to decorate; don’t neglect it. “Although it’s often an afterthought, the decoration of a hallway is incredibly important—after all, it’s the entrance and first impression people get of your home,” Chris Harvey, interior design expert at Stelrad said. Harvey suggested transforming a hallway using a few key pieces: a large, floor to ceiling mirror, spectacular lighting, be it a chandelier or a fun table lamp, and a bit of greenery. Sounds easy enough! 

Patio Doors 

When you live in LA, being able to have a usable space for entertaining outside is most definitely a must. “The homes on Selling Sunset usually come with spectacular views, so it only makes sense to have some kind of patio doors to get the most of it,” Newman said. “It also encourages indoor/outdoor entertaining, and who wouldn't want to entertain with a home like one of those featured?” 

But regardless of your locale or view, patio doors are for everyone. Having the ability to enjoy a meal al fresco, whether with guests or solo, is a great way to break up your day-to-day routine and enjoy a screen-free dinner. If you’re thinking of installing these, the Stelrad experts offer a few tips: “Choose floor to ceiling if you can, to let as much light in as possible, and avoid thick door frames, as the more window there is, the larger and brighter your home will appear.”