sensory activity
Sensory Activity for Child.

If you have an active learner or a child that has a hard time sitting, still then you'll love these 5 sensory ideas for kids who can't sit still!  

Research shows that exercise or movement improves academic performance in children, so it makes sense that you'd want to provide ways for them to learn that use their muscles.   Make learning natural, engaging and safe with these ideas that can be adapted to your child and that are just plain awesome and useful.

PLAY BINS or sensory bins are hands-on ways for kids to learn about their world.  They are usually contained in a bin and filled with something that a child can run their fingers through.  The bin should be big enough that the child can move their hands though, without taking the filler out.   We love scented sensory bins because they children can see, touch and smell the items in the bin.

SAFE ZONES  A sensory crash mat is a crash mat that can be used like a bean bag to increase sensory input and help kids {and adults} increase proprioceptive awareness and decrease over-reaction to sensations over time.  That's a mouthful, isn't it.  Basically, proprioception is our body’s knowledge of where we are in space.  When our proprioceptive awareness works, we know where we are in space.  When it doesn't, it's a problem.  A crash mat can help a child make more sense of where his body is in space.

 It's a SAFE place to crash.

FIDGET TOYS Fidget toys are small and quiet and are used for self-regulation.  They provide sensory input but aren't so stimulating that they draw a child's attention away from what they are supposed to be paying attention to.  Examples are silly putty and stretchy plastic toys.

INGREDIENTS FROM HOME  There are many things you can make with ingredients from home that are great sensory ideas like play dough and silly putty, but my new favorite is Oobleck.  Ever heard of it?  Oobleck is super cool!  Oobleck is a "Non-Newtonian" liquid that is amazing.  You have to try it and see how if they apply force to the liquid it becomes harder!  

ROUTINES  It can be hard for kids to decompress or calm down for bedtime, which can be a huge issue.  Kids need their sleep desperately!   Some children can't "shut down" with a book so something else is needed.  We've found that a Glowing Sensory Bottle works wonders.  It reminds them of the Milky Way.  You can make a bottle full of sparkles and glowing stars that you child uses as a sensory tool to fall asleep.  Ask them to count the stars in the bottle and it's been my experience that they are asleep before they can finish.

Learning for an active child shouldn't be a negative experience.  Provide sensory activities so that they have the chance to build muscle strength and move around in safe and enjoyable ways!