Sentiments and Sayings for Wedding Cards

Rubber Stamped Wedding Cards
Rubber Stamped Wedding Cards Kate Pullen

Crafting your own handmade card to wish a couple a happy wedding and new life together will make it uniquely your own. Find the right sentiments and greetings to add can, however, be surprisingly difficult. Here are some ideas to help you find the perfect words for the wedding card that you have lovingly created.

Types of Sentiments and Greetings

Words can be used as an integral part of the card design. But often they are added as one of the last steps in the creation process. You may be looking for greetings for the front of the card as well as a personal message inside. Sometimes a quote or poem can provide inspiration for a card design.

The tone of words that you use should be tailored to the card design. If the card is in a traditional style, it might not be suited for a humorous sentiment. That would instead be expected if the card design was lighthearted and fun.

How to Apply Sentiments to Wedding Cards

There are many ways that you can apply a sentiment to wedding cards. Rubber stamps are available with many different sentiments on them, including ones for weddings. This can be a great solution; however, many card makers may find this limiting unless they have access to a wide range of stamps. Handwriting or printing sentiments onto paper and attaching this to a card can be a good compromise.

Poems for Wedding Cards

Poems and poetry have long been used to convey special messages. Here are some sources for poems that are great for using in handmade wedding cards:

  • Poem Source has a range of original poems suitable for wedding cards. They are for non-commercial use only, and the author name and website must be included.
  • Hitched has poems and verses from well-known poets and authors.
  • Poems for Free has a range of unique poems suitable for wedding cards, for non-commercial use only.

Use Wedding Toasts in Handmade Cards

Wedding toasts also make interesting and different sentiments for use in wedding cards. There are a wide variety to choose from, including sentimental toasts through to funny and wry verses:

  • Hitched has different toasts that are suitable for many different wedding card types.
  • Verses4Cards has verses and toasts that can be adapted for use in a handmade wedding card.

Wedding Quotes

Wedding quotations are ideal for using in handmade cards. Wedding quotes are typically short and to the point, and this means that they can be used on the front as part of the design as well as inside the card. There are many different types of wedding quote available, making it easy to find the right one for the special couple:

  • Quote Garden has an extensive range of quotes, including amusing and sentimental words.
  • Love Quote has a large database of quotations suitable for wedding cards.
  • Verses4Cards has quotations that are particularly suited to civil partnerships.
  • Making Greeting Cards quotes suitable for use in cards.
  • Imag-e-nation has verses, quotes and poems.

Wedding Song Lyrics

There are many different wedding songs, and a few lyrics from a song can make an extra special verse for a card. Pick a song that is by the couple's favorite band or songwriter, or simply pick some lyrics with a special meaning:

  • Our Wedding Songs has lyrics to an extensive range of romantic and wedding-themed songs. The database is searchable using different criteria.
  • Romantic Lyrics has lyrics to different romantic songs.
  • Your Church Wedding has words to some popular wedding hymns.

Wedding Jokes

While this might not be appropriate for every wedding, wedding jokes can make an amusing addition to a card. Remember that wedding cards are often read by many family members; therefore, it is important not to pick any jokes that might offend:

  • Hitched has many different jokes that can be adapted for different styles of handmade cards.
  • Guy Sports has clean jokes and one-liners that would be great for use in a handmade wedding card.
  • Poetic Expressions has a range of jokes and quotes that are ideal for cards.