Serbian Easter Recipes

A Serbian Easter feast wouldn't be complete without a platter of sausages, cured meats, roasted peppers, cheeses, ajvar, kajmak, pogacha, and red wine.

But the real centerpiece is spit-roasted barbecued lamb. The best way to eat this delicacy is with your fingers. If barbecued lamb isn't available, roast leg of lamb or roasted lamb shoulder are the next most favored cuts of meat. ​​

The meal is rounded out by sarma, burek, cevapcici, Easter bread, salads, potatoes or rice, vegetables, and...MORE desserts like nut roll and krem pita with strong Serbian coffee in the Turkish style.

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    Serbian Cevapcici
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    These sausages (without casings) made of ground lamb, beef and sometimes pork are great as a main course or appetizer with ajvar (see below) and lepinje flat bread.

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    Ajvar can be spread on pogacha or lepinje bread as a condiment or eaten as a vegetable dip.

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    Typical serbian breakfast with cheese and vegetables
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    Kajmak is a fresh, unripened cheese that is eaten as a spread on pogacha, a white all-purpose bread.

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    Pogacha Bread
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    Pogacha is an everyday white bread eaten with cheese, kajmak, for sandwiches, and to sop up every last bit of soup, meat juices or gravy.

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    Cheese burek
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    Burek or filo pies filled with cheese or meat can be eaten as a main course or, when cut into wedges, as a great appetizer addition to the Easter buffet table.

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    Lamb soup with rice and parsley
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    Stop with the appetizers already! Leave room for this creamy lamb vegetable soup.

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    Roast Leg of Lamb
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    Spit-roasted lamb with its crispy skin is a real delicacy and hard to come by in some communities. Roast leg of lamb is a great substitute.

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    Serbian stuffed cabbage rolls known as sarma add another dimension to the Easter offerings.

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    This braid of slightly sweet bread is decorated with red hard-cooked eggs, which represent the blood of Christ. It is similar to Greek Easter bread known as tsoureki.

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    This moist Serbian nut roll is a star on any Easter sweets table.