Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover Review

The ultra-luxe linen duvet that will make you reevaluate your bedding budget

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Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover

Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover

 The Spruce / Meredith Hurd

What We Like
  • Soft and breathable 

  • Beautiful neutral color options 

  • Perfect weight 

  • Machine washable

  • 60-day money-back guarantee

What We Don't Like
  • Pricey

  • Does not include shams

If you’re in the market for a duvet cover that transitions comfortably from season to season, then Serena & Lily’s Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover is everything you’ve always wanted—weighted, soft, and breathable but premium quality does not come cheap.


Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover

Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover

 The Spruce / Meredith Hurd

We purchased Serena & Lily's Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

For some, splurging on bedding is a no-brainer. And it’s understandable, the bedroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in the home. It’s a place where, on average, many people spend roughly 26 years of their lives sleeping, and supposedly, some even spend about seven years just trying to fall asleep. So, by creating a more comfy bed, you just might be able to get back some of those lost years spent tossing and turning, or, at the very least, catch a few more z’s. So, if you’re still reading this after seeing the price tag, then it’s safe to say, you’re ready to consider our review of this top-notch duvet cover

Material: Premium Quality

The Cavallo duvet is designed in Portugal and woven from flax grown in Belgium and France. It’s considered Oeko-Tex-certified, so it’s eco-friendly, free of harmful chemicals, and gentle on the skin. The weight and texture of the Cavallo duvet are what we would hope for at this price-point. 

Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover
 The Spruce / Meredith Hurd

Unlike cotton, linen isn’t measured by thread count because linen textiles are thicker and more textured than cotton, but the Cavallo linen duvet features a chambray material which is a weaving technique that crosses white and dyed yarns to give it a soft, heathered look. After several washes, we found that this duvet got comfortably softer.

Design: Laid-Back Elegance 

In terms of design, the Cavallo duvet comes in an array of soft, chambray neutrals—blue, white, flax, smoke, navy, and pink sand. Each is luxe yet laid-back in style. Originally, we wanted flax, but since it was back-ordered, we opted for smoke, which is a happy-medium between blue and charcoal. 

The duvet is large and weighted with fabric-covered button closures along one side and interior cloth ribbons at each corner to secure the comforter and keep it from sliding. It also features a flange trim which we thought gave it an elevated look.

Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover
 The Spruce / Meredith Hurd

The only criticism we had was the packaging (which might not matter to most). We felt Serena & Lily’s presentation out of the box lacked a certain polish—especially considering the price-point. The duvet arrived, wrapped in a cloth ribbon inside plastic packaging. There’s nothing particularly wrong with this, but in comparison to other brands that package their duvet inside a cloth bag or include a friendly, informational insert, this was slightly disappointing. It also did not include shams; they are sold separately.  

Texture: Lived-in with a touch of luxury 

This linen is soft and incredibly comfortable and because linen is thicker than most fibers, it’s more breathable. This duvet is also moisture-wicking and cool to the touch, which makes it great for regulating temperature. We’d recommend this to anyone looking for a year-round duvet cover. 

Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover
The Spruce / Meredith Hurd 

The weight of this linen gives it a luxurious feel, however, if you cannot embrace wrinkles, then a linen duvet is not for you. While this may be a challenge for all bedding, linen is particularly impossible to keep wrinkle-free. This didn’t bother us, and we would go as far as to say that with linen bedding, wrinkles are encouraged. It gives it that lived-in look with a touch of luxury.

Washing: Softer with every wash 

In terms of care, Serena & Lily suggest washing their duvet with warm water and a simple tumble dry on the lowest setting. After several few washes, we found that the duvet got considerably softer while still maintaining the integrity of the linen and its durability. To limit wrinkles, we suggest fluffing after washing, adding a few tennis balls or wool balls to the dry cycle, and then immediately topping your bed.  

Features: Wash immediately upon opening 

Serena & Lily offers free shipping and free returns. They also provide a 60-day trial with a money-back guarantee on all bedding which is about twice as long than most other bedding guarantees.  

Price: Worth the splurge

With a price tag of $348 for a full/queen size, we know that Serena & Lily’s Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover is certainly a splurge for those who have to budget for bedding. The impressively soft fabric and durable weight give it an extra level of luxury that we think makes it worth it. 

After several few washes, we found that the duvet got considerably softer while still maintaining the integrity of the linen and its durability.

Those on the fence due to price—it’s important to note that Serena & Lily offers payment plan options through Affirm. We think that the Cavallo’s unique combination of breathability, warmth, and softness make it a particularly compelling purchase, especially for sleepers who struggle with temperature. If you have difficulty regulating your temperature at night and need a hand from your bedding, this airy all-season option does away with needing multiple duvets to accommodate seasonal changes. In this case, the Cavallo duvet’s versatility might make it worth your while. 

Serena & Lily Cavallo Linen Duvet vs. West Elm Belgian Flax Linen Duvet & Shams 

West Elm is a collection of home goods from Williams-Sonoma. Their impressive bedding is known for its quality and affordability. We compared their Belgian Flax Linen Duvet to Serena & Lily’s Cavallo Linen Duvet to see which was the better buy. 

Both linen duvets come in twin, full/queen, and king/California king size options, but West Elm offers 13 different color options, which is more than twice those offered by Serena & Lily. Another significant point of difference is in price, West Elm’s queen-sized duvet costs $229 whereas Serena & Lily’s is over $100 more at $348. 

In terms of design, both have a button closure but we prefer Serena & Lily’s to West Elm’s because of its added luxury details, like the flange trim and fabric-covered buttons. Both brands are environmentally conscious, West Elm’s duvet is certified Fair Trade and Serena & Lily’s is eco-friendly. They also both have generous return policies, Serena & Lily’s gives you 60 days, and West Elm offers the standard 30 days.  

Ultimately, both options are great buys, but if you’re looking for luxury on a budget, West Elm is the way to go. If you have the money to spend and want something that has an added touch of elegance, we say stick with Serena & Lily.  

Final Verdict

Indulge if you can.

Serena & Lily’s Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover is luxury bedding worth every penny. We say this especially for those who struggle with temperature throughout the year. While the price may seem steep, we think it’s definitely worth the splurge due to its ability to streamline the need for multiple duvets that accommodate changing seasons. If something like this is in your budget, we think the quality, look, and feel make it a must-have.



  • Product Name Cavallo Linen Duvet Cover
  • Product Brand Serena & Lily
  • Price $348.00
  • Color Blue, white, flax, smoke, navy, and pink sand
  • Sizes Twin, full/queen, king/California king
  • Material Shell is 100% European linen
  • What's Included Duvet cover only