Luxuriously Soft: Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

A soft, plush towel that holds up well in the wash

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Serena and Lily Sonoma Bath Collection

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

The Spruce / Katie Begley

What We Like
  • Soft and plush

  • Keeps shape and texture after washing

  • Multiple size options

What We Don't Like
  • Expensive

  • Few colors

The Bottom Line

For a luxurious towel that will last through many washes and uses, the Serena & Lily Sonoma towel is perfect. Just be prepared to pay for this luxury item.


Serena and Lily Sonoma Bath Collection

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

The Spruce / Katie Begley

We purchased the Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels so our writer could put it to the test. Keep reading for our full product review.

Nothing beats the feeling of a soft, absorbent towel when stepping out of the shower or tub. As a mom of three, I’m used to using a worn, threadbare towel that has seen its share of diaper duty, packing material, and chlorine from the pool. When I shower at the end of a long day, a soft and fluffy towel is an essential element of my self-care routine that I miss when I do not have it.

I was excited when I unpacked my Serena & Lily towels, but I reminded myself that towels are always soft and fluffy when they first arrive. These towels felt more luxurious than most, but I was still skeptical that they would live up to the hype. My family goes through at least five bath towels in a day, so spending $38 on just one is a big investment for me. It needed to really be something special to make it worth the cost.

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

The Spruce / Katie Begley

The first thing that I noticed during my first use was how light the towel felt. When I wrapped it around, I didn’t worry about the weight slipping or constantly adjusting it. I was already a fan of the towel’s softness, but this convenience was another great aspect of the towel that made my life easier.

After a couple of uses and washes, the towels were still just as soft as when I first tried them. I’ve had towels that held up well for up to 15 washes and then suddenly felt scratchy and flat, so I was still not completely won over. I ordered the towels in white, which remained bright after the wash. Serena & Lily recommends washing the towels in warm water and tumbling on low. This can help keep the color if you opt for one of the five other colors.

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

The Spruce / Katie Begley

My Serena & Lily Sonoma towels have gone through 20 washes now, and they still feel just as wonderful as they did the first time I used them. They are still soft, fluffy, and light. They dry quickly, which is nice but not a huge consideration for me.

The Serena & Lily Sonoma collection is luxurious and convenient to purchase and would make an ideal wedding gift for a couple just starting out.

I also liked all of the options available within the larger Sonoma collection. The towels come in six different colors and four sizes. There are also two styles of coordinating bath mats available. Having coordinated towels in my primary bathroom instantly set me at ease, even if the rest of the house was a disaster. The Sonoma collection is perfect for keeping you relaxed after a hot bath—soft, fluffy, and coordinated.

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I would have liked a few more color options. There are two gray options and two blue options but nothing in the green or pink families. While I prefer a neutral white towel, if I were purchasing to coordinate with a bathroom color palette, a few more options would be nice.

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

The Spruce / Katie Begley

You can purchase the towels separately or within one of three offered sets. The Essential Set includes two washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels. The Luxury Set includes four of each item, as well as a bath mat. The Ultimate Set includes four of each item, a larger bath rug, and two large bath sheets. The Serena & Lily Sonoma collection is luxurious and convenient to purchase and would make an ideal wedding gift for newlyweds.

These are still on the expensive side for towels, so I probably won’t replace all of my current towels with these luxury ones right away. For now, I’ll keep them for the moments that I really need extra softness and self-care in my daily routine. These would also make great towels for travel-weary guests who stay overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do the towels hold up in the wash?

Yes, yes, yes! The towels come out just as soft and fluffy as ever after each wash. I use a plant-based detergent, dryer sheet, and wool dryer balls to keep my laundry soft. I tried fabric softener with a couple of washes without a noticeable difference. If you have a family member who is sensitive to fabric softeners like I do, you can skip them and still enjoy a soft towel.

How absorbent are the towels?

One standard bath towel was enough for typical drying after a shower or bath. The towels did absorb more than I expected when I toweled off my shoulder-length thick hair. The towels dry quickly when hung up, so if you want to use the towel again within the same day, you can expect it to be dry. 

The 70-inch by 40-inch bath sheet is slightly larger and will absorb more due to its size but is considerably more expensive: $58. The standard bath towel was the right size for me. I would hesitate to use the larger bath sheet on a smaller child, as they don’t need the extra-absorbency and are likely to trip on it as they move around.

Do the towels work for sensitive skin?

Yes, my 2-year-old has sensitive skin, and he didn’t have any problems using the Serena & Lily towels. My family members are more sensitive to laundry products than materials. We washed the towels before our first use, as recommended, and we didn’t notice any issues or flare-ups.

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels

The Spruce / Katie Begley

Serena & Lily Sonoma Towels vs. Restoration Hardware Turkish Towels

The gold standard in my house for towels has been Restoration Hardware’s 802-gram Turkish Towels. They are heavy, absorbent, and soft. At $35 for a standard bath towel, they are comparable to Serena & Lily’s Sonoma towels. The Restoration Hardware towels are noticeably heavier, which I prefer during the colder months

If you prefer a fluffier, lightweight towel, Serena & Lily ones are the better choice. Serena & Lily also offers a bathrobe using the same luxurious toweling fabric, a wish list item for those who love the towel texture and want to coordinate their bathroom.

Final Verdict

Yes, buy it.

Even though this is an expensive towel, it is affordable enough to add to your self-care list, especially considering how often you use a towel. 


  • Product Name Sonoma Bath Collection
  • Product Brand Serena and Lily
  • Price $48.00