Serving Crackers With Cheese

Which Crackers Go Best With Cheese?

Platter of cheese and cracker snacks
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Cheese and crackers are among life's simple pleasures. No matter when or how you serve them--as an afternoon snack, appetizer, party dish, dessert course--while on a road trip, for a quick pick-me-up at school or work, there are few situations that cheese and crackers aren't appropriate.

When it comes to choosing a cracker to serve with cheese, your supermarket's cracker aisle is full of choices. But when you want to serve a cracker with a little more character, one that elevates the...MORE cheese and brings the pairing of cheese and crackers to a whole new level, then try one of these. 

It's also easy to make your own crackers. The basic ingredients are flour, water, oil, sugar, and your favorite herbs. 

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    La Panzanella Croccantini

    La Panzanella started as a Seattle bakery and cafe, but everything changed when the owner's Italian mother came up with a recipe for Croccantini ("crunchy little bite"). The company now focuses on baking these thin, crunchy crackers that pair beautifully with all types of cheese. The mini Croccantini are especially easy to serve with a cheese plate. 

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    Oat Biscuits

    1. At first bite, these Scottish biscuits might taste a little too healthy but the delicately sweet, oaty flavor will quickly become addictive, especially when served with soft goat cheeses, triple cremes and cheddar. A cross between a cracker and a cookie, This type of cracker is especially nice at breakfast or as a dessert course. 
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    Tortas de Aceite

    Thin and slightly crispy Spanish tortas are flavored with olive oil, sugar, and a hint of anise. Tortas are delicious served with coffee and with soft, mild cheeses or harder Spanish cheeses such as Manchego. 

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    Water Wheels

    These Australian crackers are wafer-thin and have an airy texture. and will not compete for attention; rather, they let the cheese be the star. 

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    Daelia's Biscuits for Cheese

    Like thin biscotti, these nut and dried fruit-studded biscuits add a nice crunchy texture and slight sweetness to cheese. They pair well with goat cheese, Brie, and semihard sheep's milk cheeses. 

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    Urban Oven Crackers

    These crackers used to be known as Starr Ridge, and while they've changed the name the crackers are still delicious. Fairly thick with a hearty olive oil flavor, they are especially good with aged cheeses such as Gruyere, Cheddar, Comte, and Gouda.