Free Directions to Sew a Back Seat Vehicle Organizer

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    Materials, Pattern and Cutting

    Materials & Pattern to sew a back seat organizer
    Materials, Pattern and Cutting. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    I have kids and a mini van. It never ceases to amaze me how much clutter can accumulate in the back seats.
    Here you will find full directions to create a place for the kids to store all their traveling treasures.

    Materials List

    • Sturdy fabric such as heavy denim for the back pieces.
    • Fabric with slight stretch for the pockets. For this example I used a sports net, so that I can keep an eye on what is being stuffed into the pockets. Hopefully things like apples will be spotted through the netting...MORE before they go bad.
    • Fusible Craft Weight Interfacing
    • Fusible web
    • 7/8" to 1" wide Grosgrain Ribbon - approximately 10 yards.
    • 1/8" wide or cording elastic.
    • Hook And Loop Tape
    The Pattern

    Due to the size of the pattern, you will have to make the pattern.

    Cutting and Preparation Directions

    • Cut two of the main pattern piece from denim or other sturdy fabric. Back each piece with fusible craft weight interfacing. Seal both pieces together with fusible web. The fusible web does not need to cover the whole piece. By using a full width of the web, in the lengthwise center of the piece, it will hold the layers together and make them easier to work as one layer.
    • Cut one of each pocket. If you are using a one way print, the wider edge of the two lower pockets is the top edge and the narrower edge of the top pocket is the top edge.
    • Press approximately 7 yards of the grosgrain ribbon in half lengthwise.
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    Prepare Pockets

    Prepare Pockets
    Prepare Pockets. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    Find the center of the bottom of each pocket piece. Run a basting stitch in a 6" area of the center of each pocket, to gather the pocket.
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    Top Edge of Pockets

    Top Edge of Pockets
    Top Edge of Pockets. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    On the top edge of each pocket, sandwich the pocket fabric and narrow elastic inside the folded grosgrain ribbon. Stitch the ribbon through all the layers. Do not catch the elastic in the stitching. Allow the elastic to lay flat and leave enough to grab at each end for gathering purposes when you place the pocket on the main piece. (If you are a beginner, you may find it easier to baste the pocket to the bottom layer of the ribbon before working the elastic and top stitching all the layers).
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    Pocket Placement

    Pocket Placement
    Pocket Placement. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Place the bottom of the 8" deep pocket along the bottom of the backing piece. Gather to fit and stitch the pocket in to place, in the outside 1/4" edge. Line up the edges of the pocket with the edges of the backing, stitch up to the elastic casing but do not stitch the casing. Pull the elastic to make the pocket fit to the backing. DO NOT pull the elastic too tight. This will cause the backing piece to want to curl. Tack the elastic into place. Reinforce the stitching by stitching over...MORE the elastic a couple of times on the outside 1/4" edge.

    For the middle pocket, Place the edges of the pocket 1/2" above the ends of the bottom pocket. Gather the pocket bottom to fit the backing. Place the bottom edge inside a folded piece of grosgrain ribbon. Pin the pocket bottom into place and stitch the pocket to the backing. Make a row of top stitching on the upper and the lower edge of the grosgrain ribbon to add strength to the bottom of the pocket.

    For the top pocket, line the side edges up with the backing piece. Gather the bottom of the pocket to fit and repeat the construction of the middle pocket.

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    The Straps

    The Straps
    The Straps. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    Attach 4.5" of hook and loop to the 8" strips of flat grosgrain ribbon and 7" of hook and loop to the 17" strips of flat grosgrain ribbon.

    Attach the non hook and loop ends of the grosgrain ribbon, as shown in the diagram. Reinforce the attachment of the strap, by stitching the strap on to the body of backing many times in the outside 1/4" edge.

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    Finishing Step

    Finishing Step
    Finishing Step. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to
    Place the folded grosgrain on the entire edge of the backing piece. Stitch it in to place. The bottom corners will need you to miter the ribbon. This can be eliminate by slightly rounding off the corners.