Sew Your Own Costume Foot Covering

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    Create a Pattern

    Create a Footwear Cover Pattern
    Create a Footwear Cover Pattern. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Halloween costumes often need a finishing touch to pull it all together. After all, it can be a little odd to see Peter Pan in a pair of sneakers. Another consideration is the need for functionality, especially for those doing a lot of trick or treating. There is no need to buy shoes that will make a costume complete. Extra costume fabric used to make coverings for sneakers, that have a good grip to prevent falls, are just the ticket to complete any costume.

    You will need:

    • Newspaper or a large...MORE sheet of paper
    • Tape measure
    • Fabric to match the costume or vinyl for "leather" boots
    • Pieces of elastic
    • Sewing machine and thread foot measuring You will be drawing a shape similar to this diagram for your pattern. Have the person stand with their side to you, wearing the shoes or sneakers they will be wearing with their costume.

      Using a tape measure, measure the distance around half of the leg for the area labeled "A" in the diagram.

      Measure the length of the shoe as shown for "B" in the diagram.

      Measure the top of the foot from the center of the foot to the floor for the area labeled "C" in the diagram.

      Measure from the end of the foot to where the ankle starts to bend for measurement "G".

      Sketch out your pattern using these measurements. On the curved edge of the pattern, add a 1/2" to the outside edge, for a seam allowance.

      Cut 4 of these pattern pieces from your fabric (Cut two with doubled fabric, wrong sides together)

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    Construct the Shoe Covering

    Construct the Shoe Covering
    Construct the Shoe Covering. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    With wrong sides together, sew a seam (1/2"seam allowance) as indicated in the diagram, on edge "D". Sides "E" and "F" are left open. Trim and clip the seam so that the covering will bend to the correct shape when opened.

    Referring to the Diagram on the "E" side, attach elastic at the top, bottom and half way mark. The elastic can be two pieces that you tie or a single piece fit to the leg.

    Attach a strip of elastic to the "F" edge of the boot to create...MORE a "sole" that will hold the covering in place. It is best to use a single piece of elastic that will stretch enough to hold the covering snug but not pull it under the shoe.


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    Hints and Tips

    •  Costumes made using pajama patterns(Dinosaur Costume) can easily be dressed up with animal ears and these foot coverings. More Costume Ideas & Directions
    • Add shoe laces to the front of your foot covering for a tied boot effect. Just tack the laces where you would normally put them through an eyelet and tie them at the top.
    • Add a piece to the top to fold over for pirate boots.
    • Make a shorter version for dressy shoes. For example to make Dorothy's "Wizard of Oz" Shoes, make a...MORE covering that will just cover the shoe out of red fabric and glue red glitter all over them.