Sew Your Own Fitted Sheets

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    Measuring the Mattress

    Matress Sizes
    Measure the Matress. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    In my house, I always have more flat top sheets than fitted bottom sheets. If this is a problem you have as well there's a simple solution to help turn those flat sheets into something more useful. Using a print and a solid, I can utilize the flat sheets to make a set of sheets. Converting a flat sheet to a fitted sheet is an easy project.

    Fitted sheets are the sheets that have either elastic or sewn darts that allow it cling to the sides of the mattress. This "bottom sheet" as...MORE it's often called may be incredibly difficult to fold but they make beds look smooth and invitings. This simple pattern for making your own fitted sheets will give you lots of bedding options. 

    Note: Not all sheets are created equally! Read more about bed sheets at Before You Buy Bed Sheets. Mattress sizes also vary! Always check the mattress measurements before cutting your sheet. Be sure to measure the sides and width of the mattress before you start your project. 

    Measure the ends and length of the bed.

    Add 4" - 6" inches to each measurement to allow for the sheet to tuck under the mattress. I like a lot to tuck under but if your fabric isn't wide enough, go with a scant amount to tuck under but keep it even on all edges. You just want enough fabric that the sheet will be able to stay folded under your mattress. 

    If you are using 45" wide fabric, you will need to join lengths of fabric to have the fabric wide enough. Add the fabric to each side to avoid having seams on the area some one will be sleeping.

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    Fitting the Corners

    Fitting the Corners of a Fitted Sheet
    Fitting the Corners. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Remove hems from an existing flat sheet if necessary.

    Lay the sheet evenly on the mattress, the right side of the fabric down.

    If the bed is not available, start at the center of each side and mark the ends of each side, bring the marks together at each corner and pin a dart in place, that is the depth of the mattress and the amount you allowed for tucking under the mattress.

    Pin a dart in place at each corner to bring the sheet in to fit.

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    Sew the Corner

    Sew the Corner of a Fitted Sheet
    Sew the Corner. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Sew dart in place.

    Trim the dart to 1/2" and zig zag the raw edge to hold it in place. 

    Hem the edges of the sheet by turning under 1/4" and 1/4" again. Stitch in place.

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    Attach Elastic

    Attach Elastic
    Attach Elastic. Debbie Colgrove, Licensed to

    Cut 4 pieces of 1/4" or wider elastic 10 inches long.

    Center each piece of elastic at bottom of each dart on the wrong side of the sheet. Stretch each end of elastic as far as it will go along the edge of the sheet. Use a zig zag stitch to attach the elastic to the corners of the sheet, keeping the elastic stretched so that it will pull in the sides. Repeat on all four corners. 

    Make your bed with ​your new homemade fitted sheet!