Sewing Crafts and Patterns

Learn How to Sew With These Simple Sewing Projects

Whether you are just learning how to sew or have more experience with the craft, you are sure to enjoy making some of these free and easy sewing craft projects. These projects are perfect for anyone who wants to learn how to sew. If you have an easy sewing project to share, take a moment to submit it to be included in this collection.
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    Alphabet Lacing Card

    Alphabet Lacing Card Craft
    Use my alphabet templates to make a craft foam lacing card kids can have fun with. Have them spell out their names and then you can hang the letters on the wall.
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    Discover how easy it is to make bean bags you can use to play a variety of different games.
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    Blue Jean 'Pocket' Book Craft

    Blue Jean 'Pocket' Book Craft
    Blue Jean 'Pocket' Book Craft.
    A visitor named Connie explains how she makes small purses from the pockets she cuts from unwanted jeans.
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    Cell Phone Pouch Pattern

    Cell Phone Pouch Pattern
    Check out this easy cell phone pouch a visitor named Belva made. using a couple piece of felt and a needle and thread, you can hand sew this pouch in no time.
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    Craft Foam CD Holder

    Craft Foam CD Holder
    Craft Foam CD Holder.
    Follow these directions and you can use thin ribbon to stitch up the sides of a CD holder.
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    Easy Sewing Projects for Kids
    You can use this pattern to make a purse to match every outfit you own. They also make fun gifts.
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    Fabric Motif Magnet

    Fabric Motif Magnet
    Fabric Motif Magnet.
    The only trick to sewing this magnet craft is to make sure the magnets are far enough from the edge so the sewing machine foot can go around them.
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    learn how to sew with kids
    Discover how, by stitching just 4 straight lines, you can make a fashionable holder for a small package of tissues.
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    Fleece Hat Pattern
    Fleece Hat Pattern.
    Even the youngest kids in the family can have fun helping to make this simple hat.
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    Fleece Mittens Pattern

    Fleece Mittens Pattern
    Fleece Mittens Pattern.
    Follow these directions and you can make a pair of mittens for yourself and anyone else. Once the mittens are stitched together, you can personalize them using fabric glue and trims.
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    Learn How to Sew
    Follow the directions shared here and you can make a fleece blanket with sleeves to use yourself or to give as a gift.
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    Freezer Pop Sleeve Pattern

    Freezer Pop Sleeve Craft
    All you need to do to make this easy project is sew a single, fairly-straight line. Fleece fabric is so forgiving that your line doesn't even have to be perfectly straight.
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    Fringed Fleece Pet Toy

    Easy Sewing Projects for Kids
    Fringed Fleece Pet Toy.
    I made this using a couple of piece of scrap felt and our puppy loved it. You can make one for your pooch using these instructions.
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    Gift Card Holder Craft

    Gift Card Holder Craft
    With just a little bit of hand sewing you can create a little pocket to hold gift cards. You can make several and even personalize each one.
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    How to Make Sewing Cards

    One of the best ways to introduce small kids to sewing is by having them practice with sewing cards.
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    Learn how you can turn an old necktie into a wallet or cell phone pouch.
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    Pajama Bag Pattern

    Easy Sewing Projects for Kids
    Use a piece of fleece and this pattern to make a drawstring bag you can use to hold your pajamas or anything else you want.
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    Pet Snuggle Blanket With Sleeves

    Learn How to Sew
    The most difficult part of making this blanket might be trying to get your pet to hold still enough to measure it.
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    Plastic Grocery Bag Holder

    Plastic Grocery Bag Holder Craft
    If you ever find yourself with an abundance of plastic bags after a shopping trip, make one of these tubes out of a dish towel and some elastic.
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    Recycled Blue Jean Tote Bag Pattern
    Discover how you can recycle an old pair of jeans into a fashion purse.
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    Ribbon Rosette Craft
    Learn how you can easily create flower that can be used in other projects. All you need a piece of ribbon or a strip of fabric and a needle and thread.
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    Ribbon Tab Blanket Pattern
    I made this toy pattern with babies and toddlers in mind, but it seems older kids and even a few adults like all of the texture also.
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    Sea Monster Glove Puppet

    This is an easy sewing project for older kids and younger kids will enjoy playing with the end result.
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    This fleece bag is easy to sew and can be used as a sleeping bag or just for snuggling up on the couch.
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    T-shirt Headband Pattern

    T-shirt Headband Pattern
    Follow these instructions and learn how easy it is to make a fun headband out of a piece cut from an old t-shirt.
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    Easy Tote bag Sewing Pattern
    Using this step-by-step tutorial, you can make a simple tote bag in no time at all.
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    Waterproof Picnic Blanket How-To Video

    This how-to video will instruct you on making a blanket you can use next time you go on a picnic.