Before You Operate a Sewing Machine

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Operating a sewing machine for the first time can be intimidating. Take the time to learn the parts of a sewing machine and find out about choices before you buy a sewing machine.

Buying a Sewing Machine

Before you buy a sewing machine, learn about sewing machines and explore your options. You will find all the information you need to be an educated consumer in Before You Buy A Sewing Machine.


Sewing Machine Information

Visit the Sewing Machine Gallery to learn the parts of a sewing machine before you buy a sewing machine. Follow the links to each sewing machine part to learn what each part does in operating a sewing machine.

Your sewing machine needle can expand the abilities of your machine. Learn about sewing machine needles and understand why they are so important.

Operating Sewing Machines

Operating a sewing machine is not a mystery. Take your time and practice on scraps before you dive into a big projects.

Explore Basic Sewing

Explore sewing basic seams to begin to grasp other sewing techniques and understand common problems that may arise.


Don't Let Sewing Terms Stop You

Don't let an unfamiliar sewing term stop you from exploring the creative and economical solutions that learning to operate a sewing machines offer. Knowing the correct term can help you communicate when you have a problem so that those "in the know" may be able to help via an email of phone call rather than having to tote the machine to a repair shop.

The sewing glossary will explain terms that may have you stymied.

  • The Sewing Glossary


Caring For Your Sewing Machine

Caring for your sewing machine protects the investment you have in the machine and prevents problems.