15 Sewing Room Ideas That'll Maximize Style and Space

Sewing room with white cabinets

Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

A sewing room is both a utilitarian and a creative space, and striking the right balance between the two is key. Maximize style and space in your sewing room with these functional yet beautiful ideas that provide practical storage and help create an inspiring environment.

From turning your supplies into wall decor to different types of storage, gain inspiration for how to give your space a creative makeover with these 15 ideas.

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    Install Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinets

    Sewing room with white built-in cabinetry

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Maximize style and space in your sewing room by installing floor-to-ceiling cabinets. They provide a large amount of storage space in the form of cabinet shelves and drawers— they're a great way to hide away clutter to keep your space neat and clean.

    Incorporate open shelves and countertop space into your wall of cabinets to visually break it up and give yourself an additional work surface if needed. Dress them up with beautiful pulls and knobs and if you have room, display items on the tops of the cabinets.

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    Use Open Shelving

    Fabric in wire baskets on white shelves

    Casa Watkins Living

    Open shelving is a great way to keep your sewing supplies visible and easily accessible. It allows you to see exactly what you have on hand to use for your next project, but it also provides a display surface where supplies double as decorative accents. Store fabric, yarn, and sewing tools in pretty baskets and bowls for a visually pleasing yet organized storage solution.

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    Add a Pegboard

    Craft room with a large pegboard

    Michelle Berwick Design

    A pegboard provides versatile storage since you can use it to hang shelves, caddies, hooks, or baskets. It allows for flexibility since you can move items around and reposition them as needed. It's also a great way to make use of an entire wall without bringing in a bulky piece of furniture.

    If your sewing room is small or has a narrow layout, preventing you from using a storage cabinet or shelf, this is an excellent space-saving alternative.

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    Hang an Inspiration Board

    Large inspiration board with fabrics hanging above a desk

    Studio Peake

    Stay inspired by hanging an oversized inspiration board in your sewing room. It'll be like an ever-changing piece of art and a great way to collect fabrics, images, or color swatches that inspire you.

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    Store Supplies in a Glass-Front Cabinet

    Glass front cabinet with crafting and sewing supplies

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    A glass-front cabinet combines storage and a decorative display in one piece of furniture. Supplies are neatly tucked away and sharp objects are out of kids' and pets' reach, but you can see what you have and what supplies may need to be restocked. Play around with styling the shelves and using decorative storage vessels such as various woven baskets, pretty trays, or unique bowls to add your own personal touch.

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    Let Supplies Double as Wall Decor

    Spools of thread stored on the wall with a gold picture frame around them

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    A sewing room may be a utilitarian space, but it's also one that should inspire creativity. Let supplies such as spools of thread double as wall decor—hang them up and add a frame for a whimsical touch that highlights your colorful collection.

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    Use a Streamlined Storage System

    Storage drawers in a craft room

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    For a clean and minimalist look, use a streamlined storage system such as these drawers. Label each drawer so you can quickly locate what you're looking for and prevent them from getting messy by using organizers such as dividers and different-sized clear bins to hold smaller items such as buttons or sewing pins.

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    Bring in an Island

    Sewing room with large wooden table in the middle

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    Position a large island in the center of your sewing room for a beautiful statement piece and a functional work surface. Choose one that has plenty of storage to hold fabrics and other supplies, and use a large tray on the top to corral items and prevent messes. It's a way to bring in your own personal flair and inject the space with lots of character, whether that's in the form of a vintage-style wood island or a sleek modern one.

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    Use Cubby-Style Shelves

    Cubbie storage in a black and white room

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    Cubby-style shelves are a versatile and inexpensive storage solution to maximize style and space in your sewing room. Use fabric or wicker baskets in some of the cubbies to introduce a textural element and to hide any clutter. Stack books, display favorite framed photos, and add decorative accents to mix form and function.

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    Store Fabric in Clear Bins

    Fabric stored in clear bins on pull-out shelves

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Store fabrics in clear acrylic bins instead of allowing them to take over way too many drawers. Fold each piece neatly and divide fabrics by material, color, or project type—go with whatever organizational system best suits your creative needs.

    The clear design will help keep them visible so you know what's located where, but it also turns the fabrics into a fun splash of color and pattern to liven up your sewing room.

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    Utilize Filing Cabinets

    Craft area with a desk, pegboard and filing cabinets

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    Filing cabinets double as great storage space for sewing supplies thanks to the multiple drawers. To stop them from looking too office-like, paint them a fun color and if you're using more than one of them, go with the same paint color to create a cohesive, uniform look.

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    Go With Decorative Storage Baskets

    Fabric and wicker baskets on storage shelves

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    Choose stylish storage baskets such as wicker baskets with cute labels or lidded fabric baskets to display on open shelves in your sewing room. Coordinate them all to match and keep those holding your most frequently used supplies and materials within easy reach.

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    Create a Multi-Purpose Space

    Wall storage unit with drawers, shelves, pegboard and a desk

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    If you're short on space in your sewing room, create a multi-purpose space such as this wall storage system. It incorporates drawers, open shelves, a pegboard, and a work surface all in one clever, compact, and stylish storage unit.

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    Display Sewing Supplies

    Sewing supplies stored in clear containers

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    Place things like buttons, sequins, and colorful threads in clear storage containers or repurposed glass jars where you can see them. Dividing the supplies by type will help you stay organized and displaying them on a shelf will turn them into decorative accents.

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    Get Creative

    Yarn stored in small wood crates

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    Since a sewing room is a creative space, get creative with your storage solutions and use unexpected items such as small wooden crates to hold yarn or fabric for a fun and unexpected vessel.