9 Shades of Gray on Your Bedroom Walls

Soft to strong, these shades of gray paint are perfect for the bedroom.

Glamorous gray bedroom.
Photo courtesy of Centsational Girl

Gray has surged to popularity in the bedroom, and it isn’t just because of a certain book with a titillating plot. Once thought of as dark, depressing or cave-like, the new crop of gray paints has thrown those old misconceptions right out the window. Done right, gray can be a whisper of tranquil background color, a strong statement of contemporary style or an intermediary that plays nicely with just about any other color on the spectrum.

If your room receives little natural light, which is typical of many bedrooms, you can fool the eye into seeing the space as airier and lighter with a soft, shimmering gray. If you crave a sophisticated, elegant style, look to the darker hues of this versatile neutral. Give gray walls crisp freshness with white trim, or create a romantic – yet contemporary – vibe with black or darker gray trim and doors.

Here are nine shades of gray that look great in the bedroom.

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    Winter's Gate

    Winter's Gate gray paint from Pratt & Lambert
    Winter's Gate. Photo courtesy of Pratt & Lambert

    Winter's Gate from Pratt & Lambert is the perfect entry into walls "colored" beyond white. Soft and neutral enough even for those timid about gray on their bedroom walls, yet with enough character to hold its own, Winter's Gate is just as lovely with pastel tints of blue, pink or green as it is with white or with dark blue, green or even brown.

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    Sage Morsel

    Sage Morel paint from Valspar
    Sage Morel. Photo courtesy of Valspar

    Here's a soft shade of gray with a green undertone. Try Valspar's Sage Morsel with medium shades of pink and green for a feminine look, or combine it with stronger blues for a modern, tranquil feel. It's a sophisticated color with just enough interest to hold it's own, yet it isn't overwhelming or dramatic.

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    Cloud gray paint from Dunn-Edwards
    Cloud. Photo courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

    As soft and foggy as its name suggests, Cloud from Dunn-Edwards is a perfect compromise between the lighter and darker ends of the gray spectrum. This sophisticated, contemporary paint plays well with both pastels and darker colors, making it very versatile and easy to work with.

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    Fine Grain

    Fine Gray from Dunn-Edwards
    Fine Gray. Photo courtesy of Dunn-Edwards

    If you're looking for a gray that is truly neutral, give Fine Grain from Dunn-Edwards a try. It is a soft shade somewhere in between beige and gray, with a warm undertone. It's neutral enough to work with any other color, but not boring or wishy-washy on the walls. Heat it up with touches of red and black, or keep it serene with blues and greens.

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    Magnetic Gray

    Magnetic Gray from Sherwin-Williams
    Magnetic Gray. Photo courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

    A bold gray with a silvery-blue undertone, Magnetic Gray from Sherwin-William looks like the sea on an overcast day. Combine this tranquil hue with whites and neutrals for a soft look, or add a touch of drama with bold, deep colors for contrast. Red, black, pure blue and eggplant are good choices for a strong palette.

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    Mesquite gray paint from Benjamin Moore
    Mesquite. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Is it gray, or is it mossy green? Benjamin Moore's Mesquite has definite green undertones, but in most light, appears as a foggy gray. It works well in a country bedroom, but can go modern with darker shades of gray or green. Combine it with a palette of browns for a sophisticated, contemporary vibe.

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    Graytint paint from Benjamin Moore
    Graytint. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    A lovely, pearly shade of medium gray, with just a hint of blue, Graytint from Benjamin Moore is dark enough to make a splash without being too dark or overwhelming. It's a gray that is equally feminine and masculine, so works perfectly in a shared bedroom.

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    Chelsea Gray

    Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore
    Chelsea Gray. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore

    Chelsea Gray from Benjamin Moore is a deep gray that makes a statement. Unlike many deep shades of gray, it has a warm undertone, and it's flattering and soft, rather than foreboding and gloomy on bedroom walls. Mix it with a palette of softer colors, and it will give your space a dreamy, rich vibe. Picture touches of creamy white, pink, tan or soft blue against the strong gray.

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    Downpipe gray paint from Farrow & Ball
    Downpipe. Photo courtesy of Farrow & Ball

    Bedroom walls colored in this deep, rich gray might not be for the faint of heart, but what a dramatic, moody statement those walls will make. Downpipe from Farrow & Ball is a pure gray that pairs beautifully with lighter hues of cool colors, or with white.