Shannon Hickcox

Jeff and Shannon Hickcox

Husband-and-wife team, Jeff and Shannon Hickcox, are the owners of The Garage Guy, a garage organization company located just outside Cincinnati, OH. They started out in a tiny, two-car garage with the idea of helping people organize and beautify the most undervalued and most visible room in most homes...the garage. They've worked diligently at becoming the best, most sought after garage organization company in the area by leading the way with design, craftsmanship, and quality. 


Jeff has been designing, building, and installing garage cabinets, flooring, and slatwall since 2001. He has helped organize every type of garage you can imagine, from 100+ year old houses with the tiniest one car garage to brand new, multi-level, 10+ car garages. With years of experience navigating the most difficult projects, he's turned some of the most uninviting spaces into something to be proud of. 


B.A. Construction Management | Northern Kentucky University, KY 

Shannon Hickcox

Do you feel like you're missing out on some underutilized space in your home? Want to renovate your garage and get that valuable space back and make it look amazing at the same time? Then we're glad you've stopped by! We love helping homeowners take a bland, lackluster garage and turning it into a beautiful, organized, functional room you will love and will be proud to show off. 

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