Shannon Lee

Shannon is a seasoned freelance writer and editor with weakness for real estate. She's engaged in home renovation and restoration projects since purchasing her first fixer-upper over 20 years ago. Now she combines her love of old homes with her love of the written word to bring her expertise to The Spruce.


  • Has hands-on experience with home renovation and restoration
  • Has worked with numerous home improvement magazines and websites in creating top-notch content homeowners can rely on
  • Worked with The Spruce since 2021


Shannon Lee has been a freelance writer, editor, and novelist for over 25 years. Her writing on home improvement, real estate, and d├ęcor has appeared at Bob Vila, Build Direct, Fox Business, Modernize, and many other outlets. She joined The Spruce in 2021. In addition to writing on home improvement, she's written extensively on higher education, relationships, and the intersection of technology, health, and medicine. When she's not freelancing, Shannon also writes fiction novels.


Shannon's journey in writing began with a hearty push by a dedicated high school teacher. She studied history and library science at Berea College before using those skills to move into the world of professional writing and editing.

Expertise: Home improvement, Home renovation
Education: Berea College
Location: Murray, KY
Title: Editor

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