17 Smart Ideas for Children’s Bedrooms

Barn door room dividers in shared kids room

Amber Interior Design

Decorating your son or daughter’s room can be an intimidating process. You want the space to look great, function well, and capture your little one’s imagination, but that’s a tall order for one small space, especially if it’s a space for two.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take some tips from these clever parents and designers! Whether you’re designing a shared room, working with a small space, or just looking for a one-of-a-kind concept to make your little one’s room truly unique, these 17 smart ideas for children’s bedrooms are sure to inspire!

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    Changeable Art Gallery

    Kids DIY Gallery Wall Art Display
    The Caterpillar Years

    A bright assortment of frames painted in a cheery yellow makes for a one-of-a-kind gallery wall in this sweet little girl’s room featured on The Caterpillar Years.

    Want to make your own? Hit your local thrift store! Simply paint your thrifted frames in a single unifying color, and string picture wire across the back. Add some cute mini clothespins, and leave the rest to your little Picasso-in-the-making. 

    There are many creative ways to display your kiddo's artwork.

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    Closet Bunk

    Kids' room with closet bunk bed
    Design Sponge

    Wish you had space for a dedicated playroom? You won’t believe this clever closet hack featured on Design Sponge.

    By converting their son’s closet into a mini bunkroom, designers Max and Linda were able to free up plenty of space for their little one to play. Since kids don’t need as much closet space, you’re not sacrificing much, and you can always install a low bar underneath the bunk, allowing you to hang your kiddos things right where they can reach them.

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    Washi Wallpaper

    Washi Cross Accent Wall
    Everything Emily

    Whether you rent your space or just have design commitment issues, Washi tape can be your best friend. This simple and inexpensive paper tape is a DIYer’s dream. Just ask the clever mom behind this adorable Nordic-inspired bedroom featured on Every Thing Emily. By creating little crosses out of black washi tape, Emily was able to create a chic and totally removable wall treatment for less than the cost of trip to Starbucks. 

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    Double Day Bed

    Double day bed with twin beds end to end
    The Handmade Home

    If you don't like the corner bed look, try placing two twin beds end to end and dressing them as a wall-length daybed.

    This clean-cut, contemporary space featured on The Handmade Home seamlessly combines two beds into one faux built-in unit. It's a great look for a shared room or even a playroom that needs to double as a guest space. 

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    Chalky Goodness

    Chalk Wall Kids Room

    Chalkboard walls are everywhere, and with good reason. This budget-friendly trend is as popular with teenagers as it is with toddlers, giving it serious staying power.

    This adorable chalkboard wall featured on Collective features picture frames and decorative stars hand drawn using a semi-permanent chalk marker. The rest of the décor is up to this lucky little lady. 

    There is so much you can do with just a can of chalk paint.

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    Sharpie Accent Wall

    Geometric Sharpie accent wall with diamonds
    Small Fry

    Want a beautiful accent wall for less? Pick up a Sharpie! With colors galore and finishes ranging from neon to metallic, this office staple is the new decorators tool of choice.

    Set against rich navy surroundings, this large-scale, geometric Sharpie accent wall featured on Small Fry couldn’t be more stunning. The cost? $5.

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    Shabby Chic-and-Peek

    Screen door on a Shabby Chic nursery
    Lynzy & Co

    Take your Shabby Chic nursery to the next level by installing a good, old-fashioned screen door on your little one’s nursery!

    A screen door, like this little beauty repurposed by the clever mama behind Lynzy & Co, is perfect for keeping an ear and an eye on your little one during naptime without having to worry about nosy pets or escaped toddlers. Perfect!

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    Split Personalities

    Shared girls room with stripes and polka dots
    Tururu (x4duros)/Pinterest

    Your kiddos might need to share a room, but that doesn't mean their individual personalities can't shine!

    Spotted on Pinterest, this adorable girls’ room creates two distinct zones while maintaining one cohesive design, allowing each child to define their space and express their personal style without compromising Mom’s.

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    Space-Saving Wall Desk

    Space saving wall desk
    Avenue Lifestyle

    Working with a tight space? This simple wall-mounted desk spotted on Avenue Lifestyle offers ample space for arts and craft projects and homework assignments without taking up that oh-so-valuable floor space in your child’s room. 

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    For the Little Diva

    Girl's room with curtained costume corner and stage

    House of Turquoise

    Make your little diva's dreams come true with this adorable idea from House of Turquoise!

    This costume play zone  features an enviable costume closet and curtained-off stage—complete with seats for an adoring audience!

    Want to put your little girl in the spotlight? Pick up a curved shower rod and mount it directly to the wall. Cheap and easy!

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    Secret Hide Away

    Attic playroom
    Colleen Knowles Interiors/Porch

    What kid wouldn’t love the idea of a secret attic hideout? This amazing space, designed by Colleen Knowles Interiors and featured on Porch, boasts a whimsical passage to a bonus room cut and framed into the attic above this lucky kiddo’s room.

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    Cozy Reading Nook

    Cozy canopy reading nook in girl's room
    Winter Daisy Interiors

    What better way to encourage your little one to read then by giving them a cozy reading nook of their own?

    Suspended from the ceiling and furnished with comfy cushions and a soft fur throw rug, this simple hoop canopy makes for an adorable and budget-friendly reading nook in this dusty pink and gold girl’s room designed by Winter Daisy Interiors

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    Barn Door Dividers

    Barn door room dividers in shared kids room
    Amber Interior Design

    Can't stop the kids from fighting? Divide and conquer!

    This gorgeous shared space designed by Amber Interior Design used swoon-inducing sliding barn doors to divide one large bedroom into two separate rooms, offering plenty of shared play space and privacy as needed.

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    Heads Together

    "L" shape twin beds

    Maite Granda

    Need to make room for two? Try arranging twin beds in an “L” shape as pictured in this spacious and functional boys’ room from Maite Granda.

    By tucking the beds into a corner, you’ll free up plenty of floor space. You can even add extra cushions to give the unit a couch-inspired makeover during the day. Genius!

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    Swinging Times

    Hanging bubble chair

    KJ Design Mortar and Styling

    When it comes to kid’s rooms, the focus should always be on fun!

    Whether you’re a toddler or a teen, this beautiful swing, spotted on KJ Design Mortar and Styling, is the perfect place to cuddle up with a good book. And the fact that it's see-through means it won't take up much visual space or make the room feel crowded.

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    Easy Canopy

    Embroidery hoop canopy bed

    Afro Bohemian Living

    A canopy is another fun and easy way to add personality to any space.

    This sweet girl’s room packs a lot of style into one budget-friendly upgrade. Afro Bohemian Living incorporated this modest yet whimsical canopy of airy white fabric above the bed, completely changing the look of the space. 

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    Bunk Up Without the Bulk

    Kids bunkbeds

    Maite Granda

    Bunk beds have long been the go-to solution for making the most out of a shared space, but these easy-to-recreate built-in bunks by Maite Granda offer a fresh take on the bulky, old-fashioned variety, boasting clean lines, a slim frame, and no-fuss modern appeal.

    Love the look? Build your own!