Shark Decorations for Your Outdoor Party

The Best Shark Stuff for Your Yard or Party

When you need an outdoor party theme, nothing manages to combine fun, thrills and chills quite like a shark party. If you have a swimming pool, all the better. To help you celebrate whatever the occasion might be, we've compiled a list of products inspired by these fascinating deep-water dwellers.

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    design toscano shark fin
    Design Toscano shark fin statue.

    Brand: Design Toscano

    Your guests will be startled and amused by this colorful garden statue of a shark fin. Sure to be the hit of your shark party!

    • Hand-cast in designer resin bonded with real crushed stone.  Sure to be the hit of your shark party!
    • Hand-painted by artisans.
    • Exclusive to the Design Toscano.
    • Designed for poolside or garden display. 

    Measurements: 18 inches wide x 7 inches deep x 13.5 inches high. Weighs 4 pounds.

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    blast zone great white water slide
    Great White Water Slide by Blast Zone.

    Brand: Blast Zone

    The Shark Park Ultra 10-1 Water Park is an inflatable water-themed slide that will keep your children and their friends entertained throughout the year.

    • Measurements: 21 x 6 x 9 feet. 
    • Holds 2 people at one time.
    • Slide drop is 5 feet (with netting).
    • Can be used wet or dry.
    • Includes blower/pump for inflating.
    • Compacts to the size of a sleeping bag.
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    intex shark float
    Inflatable pool shark float by Intex.

    Brand: Intex

    Some traditionalists might prefer a big, colorful ring or donut to float on, but for others, a sea creature--specifically, a shark--adds a certain rush to the pool-float experience.

    • Measurements: 68 X 42 inches
    • For ages 3 and up.
    • Includes sturdy grab handles and repair patch
    • Hammerhead model also available


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    ceramic shark server
    Ceramic watermelon shark head server.

     Brand: Collections, Etc.

    Sure, you could spend a few hours attempting to carve a shark head-and-jaws out of a watermelon. Or, you could make it easy on yourself, impress everyone anyway, and serve up the melon balls in this ceramic server. 

    • Measurements: 8 3/4 inches long x 6 1/4 inches wide x 7 3/4 inches high.
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    shark buffet cooler
    Inflatable shark party buffet cooler.

    Brand: Beistle 

    This is one of those items you can use every year at your annual shark party. When it's not inflated and serving guests chilled cuisine, it deflates and packs away nice and compact.

    • Approximate measurements: 28 inches wide by 4 feet, 5.75 inches long
    • Also can be used for a luau or tiki party.


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    shark photo prop
    Shark party photo prop.

    Brand: Beistle

    Who does love to pose for pictures? Especially when there's a shark around! A great ice-breaker for a shark-themed party.

    • Prop is printed on board stock.
    • One side features a hole to look like the person was eaten by a shark, while the other side's hole appears has if the person is being attacked by sharks.  
    • Measurements: 27.5 inches high x 18 inches wide x 0.2 inches thick.
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    melissa and doug shark toys
    Shark Kickboard. Courtesy of PriceGrabber

    Brand: Melissa and Doug

    Pint-sized partyers will enjoy the wide-jawed fish without feeling scared with these Spark Shark toys -- they've got big eyes, big mouths and cheerfully encourage youngsters to swim, paddle, play and exercise in the pool. Melissa and Doug's Spark Shark line includes:

    • Spark Shark Kickboard Pool Toy
    • Toss and Catch
    • Floating Target Pool Game
    • Spark Shark Football
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    pool sharks
    Pool Predators. Photos &copy Play Visions; Collage: L. Taylor for
    Are they or aren't they the real thing? Depending on how gullible your guests and perhaps presented at dusk, these pool sharks might send your party guests out of the pool, through your house and down the street in a panic.

    Play Visions' realistic-looking swimming pool sharks are soft-skinned and a fun addition to your shark party or floating pool decor. Don't worry about the fierce fish chomping o

    Pool Predators are available in your favorite shark species:

    • Hammerhead
    • Tiger
    • Great White