This Shark Vacuum Is My Secret to Keeping My Home Dog Fur Free

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shark wandvac cordless vacuuum review

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Do you have a dog or a cat that sheds all of the time? I do. My rescue dog, Wanda, has been an amazing addition to our family, and I love her to bits, but boy, does she shed. It’s all over my clothes, the couch, and in every corner and crevice in our apartment.

Since we got her, I have had to vacuum my entire flat two to three times a week just to stay on top of it. Thankfully, I have an amazing vacuum. I use the Shark Wandvac System 3-in-1 cordless handheld vacuum and it has literally changed my life and is definitely one of the best vacuums out there,

Shark Wandvac System Ultra-Light Stick Vacuum

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Sure, you may think it’s quite a bold statement saying that a vacuum has changed my life, but it has. It’s super compact, lightweight, charges quickly, and picks up all of Wanda’s hair off of the floor. It’s not loud, and it doesn’t even scare Wanda, which any dog owner can appreciate. Plus, I love that it can convert to a handheld vacuum and has a couple of attachments that make it easy to clean up other surfaces. 

When there’s a mess I need to clean up quickly, like the dirt and ash that falls through our very old fake fireplace in our kitchen, I use the handheld which disconnects from the rest of the vacuum with ease. If I want to clean the couch, which also gets covered in hair, I use the brush attachment.

If I want to get hard to reach places like baseboards or even the crown moldings, I take off the floor attachment and put the crevice tool on the end of the wand. When Wanda is really shedding, I use the floor attachment that has Anti-Hair Wrap technologies that remove the hair from the brush-roll as you clean.

Like many cordless vacuums, it’s also really easy to maneuver. It moves pretty seamlessly around the house and can fit under my couch and bed. I can get right up to the wall and move around the base of the kitchen cabinets.

There’s no struggle with a cord, and it’s easy to carry from room to room as it has wheels on the base that make it simple to drag. It also moves from hardwood or linoleum floors to carpet without losing its suction.

If you have a pet that regularly sheds and you’re tired of being a human lint roller, you need to get your hands on this model.

Though cordless vacuums can come with a steep price point, this option from Shark won't break the bank. It’s about $200 which is a fair price point when it comes to cordless vacuums. I’ve had mine for about a year and a half now, and it still works just as well as it did when I first got it. I think it’s an incredible value for money and will last a long time. I’ve only had to properly clean the vacuum a few times, and I’ve changed the filter once.

While I'm a huge fan of this vacuum, there are a few downsides. The dust cap is pretty small, so I have to empty it a couple of times while I’m using it which interrupts my cleaning flow. It only has a run time of 16 minutes, but because I live in a one bedroom flat, that's not a dealbreaker. It charges really quickly, and comes with a charging storage base, so it’s always charging when not in use. 

If you have a pet that regularly sheds and you’re tired of being a human lint roller, you need to get your hands on this model. It’s seriously one of my favorite things I own, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world (unless I was trading up).