20 Great Shed Organization Ideas for a More Functional Storage Space

a shelf inside a shed for plants

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A shed is the ideal place to keep all those essential items that don't seem to fit or belong anywhere else. However, those overflow spaces (garages, attics, and sheds) can quickly get crammed with items you don't use very often.

These shed organization ideas will make it so you can actually find what you're looking for, whether that's power tools, gardening supplies, bikes, sports equipment, or anything else you might tuck in this storage powerhouse. From totally practical and orderly to stunning and stylish sheds that can double as a home office or a place to relax, these shed organization ideas will have you installing shelves and dreaming of pegboards.

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    Ski Storage With Dowels

    ski storage with wooden dowls

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    Simple wooden dowels can make a huge difference when it comes to organizing the shed. These were handmade and are the perfect solution for cumbersome skis, tennis rackets, and other gear that may not be regularly used but still needs a spot.

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    Bike Storage in Shed

    bike and gear storage in shed

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    Hanging bikes and other gear like tennis rackets, snow shoes, and more is a great way to free up floor space in a shed. Plus, gliding shelves for smaller items keep everything organized.

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    Rake Storage

    rake and tool storage in shed

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    You may actually be excited to rake leaves and do yard work when your tools are organized. Simple wood pegs are a great way to organize rakes and other long handled tools, plus having them horizontally stored frees up storage space.

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    Shed Storage for Bulbs

    bulbs labelled and stored in shed

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    Who doesn't love labelled organization? Here, a garden shed is organized by having a clearly marked spot for bulbs.

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    Behind the Door Shed Storage

    wire rack for storing seeds behind shed storage

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    Sometimes a simple idea makes a world of a difference. Add a wire rack behind a shed door to maximize space, and have a perfect spot for storing seeds, gardening gloves, and other smaller items.

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    Peg Board Shed Storage

    peg board shed storage

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    A peg board with hoops is a lovely and efficient way to keep gardening tools organized and easily accessible in a shed. Most tools have leather or cloth loops too, making them super easy to hang.

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    Wood Storage in Shed

    wood storage in shed

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    A shed is the perfect spot for keeping chopped firewood dry. Here, neat stacks of wood become part of the outdoor decor thanks to the simple wood shed with flower baskets.

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    A Shed With Shelving

    shed with beautiful floor and shelving

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    Believe it or not, a shed can be a beautiful extension of your home. With ample shelves and storage, this gardening shed has a place for everything so that the tiled floor can really shine without being cluttered up with tools or pots.

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    Shelving Unit in Shed

    shelving unit in shed, plus hanging racks

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    If you have the space, moving an inexpensive bookcase into your shed can be a great way to keep everything orderly. Hanging baskets are great for smaller tools and paint brushes. Because this shed has windows, cascading plants can thrive.

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    A Plant Shelf

    a shelf inside a shed for plants

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    When in doubt, add a shelf or a table to your shed. This simple wood table serves as a plant stand, bringing the plants closer to the natural light. Whether it's a she shed or a he shed, potting shed, or a place for gardening tools, plants add a lovely touch.

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    Mason Jar Shed Storage

    mason jar screw in storage on shed door

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    Mason jars that screw into their top? Genius. This behind-the-door storage makes the most of every inch of the shed.

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    A Pegboard for Tools

    pegboard storage solutions in shed

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    Line the inside of a shed door with a pegboard and you'll get so much more usable space. Plus, you won't even have to dig around to find the items you use regularly; they'll be right there when you swing open the door.

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    A Shed With a Spot for Everything

    organized shed

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    Even if you don't have a ton of space in your shed, grouping items by category makes a huge difference when it comes to finding what you're looking for. Sleeping bags, tents, and other bagged items nestle together on a high shelf.

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    A Shed for Storing Plants

    plant storage inside a shed

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    A garden shed is both quant and functional. Painting it white adds brightness, and a metal rack inside keeps plants organized.

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    A Shelving Unit in a Shed

    a shelf installed inside a shed

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    One of the best things you can do is add a shelving unit to your shed before you bring in anything else. This way, everything will be organized from the start. It's much easier to start out organized than it is to create order out of chaos.

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    Hanging Storage in a Shed

    hanging storage for scooters, bikes, and tennis bags

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    When organizing a shed or a garage, think vertically. Things that get used frequently (bikes and scooters) can stay on the ground, whereas more seasonal items (beach chairs and sand toys) can hang from the wall where they're out of the way until you need them.

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    A Storage Unit in Shed

    rolling shelving unit in shed

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    If space allows, a shelving unit on wheels is an amazing addition to a shed or a garage. It's moveable, meaning you can roll it from place to place. The drawers provide neat storage for tools, screws, garden supplies, and all those other miscellaneous items.

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    A Pegboard With a Shelf

    peg storage with shelf

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    A pegboard is one of the easiest ways to keep everything visible yet organized. Differing hooks sizes will help you add unexpected items like twine or sunglasses to your board. A zip tie is an easy way to add a handle to all your tools.

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    A Labeling System

    a set of labeled drawers for screws and tools

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    Who doesn't love a label maker, especially when it's used to organize the shed? There is a defined spot for everything in this gloriously organized toolbox, so when it comes time to reach for (or put away) the felt pads, plumber's tape, or certain screws, it'll be clear exactly where they belong.

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    A Charging Station in a Shed

    a DIY charging station in shed

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    A DIY charging station is such a clever way to keep all those cords out of sight. This shed upgrade has a set spot for every tool, and the chargers are easy to find and ready to use without being in the way.