Sheri Stritof

Sheri Stritof, along with her husband Bob, has been the Marriage expert since 1997. Their marriage of nearly 50 years helps her bring firsthand experience and passion to her writing about marriage. Sadly, Bob died in October 2013. You can read more about Sheri on her Google Profile: Sheri Stritof


In addition to her work for Dotdash, Sheri and Bob presented workshops on marriage for nearly 40 years.

Sheri has been quoted as a marriage expert or mentioned in numerous major online and print publications, including the The Chicago Sun Times,,, The Queensland Sunday Mail,, The Press-Enterprise, Fort Worth Texas Magazine, Republican Herald, Men's Health Magazine, Athena Magazine, Journal Gazette, Tribune-Review, Brisbane Sunday Mail, and Bride's Magazine. She has also been interviewed and featured on several radio stations including XM Radio, KMMT Radio, and Dublin FM98 as well as many local radio stations.

Sheri and Bob are the authors of an advice book, The Everything Great Marriage Book (Adams Media).


Sheri received post-graduate training in family ministry at Regis College in Denver.

Sheri Stritof

"Married in 1963, I do remember the joy of discovering one another, the concerns that parenting together can bring, the challenge of working together, the mixed feelings of having an empty nest, the wonder of being grandparents,  the delight of having a happy marriage, and the sorrow of having my spouse die."

"I also know the heartache of having an unhappy marriage. Early in our marriage we were divorced from one another for nearly two years before we remarried each other. Thankfully, we learned communication skills that helped us build our marriage on a firm foundation."

"I hope you will find answers to your questions, encouragement during difficult times, and tips and suggestions to make your marriage a successful one."

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