Sheri Stritof

Sheri Stritof is a marriage consultant and published author with extensive experience writing on relationship topics. Her decades worth of knowledge and personal experiences contribute to her helpful, informative articles.


  • 20+ years experience writing about marriage topics
  • Widely cited marriage and relationship expert



Sheri Stritof wrote about marriage for The Spruce from 1997 to 2014. She spoke candidly about her marriage of nearly 50 years, including her husband Bob's infidelity, their divorce and remarriage for publications including the Chicago Sun-Times, the Washington Post, Men's Health Magazine, and Huffington Post.


After graduating from the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, Sheri received post-graduate training with a focus on family ministry at Regis College in Denver.


Sheri and her late husband of 40 years co-authored and published the book "The Everything Great Marriage Book" together in 2004.

Expertise: Weddings, Relationships
Education: University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Location: Ocean Park, WA

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