8 Soothing Sherwin-Williams Colors to Paint Your Bedroom

Flowers on white wooden nightstand table in luxury bedroom interior with king size bed
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Choosing the right paint color for your bedroom can be simple if you know what mood you're trying to achieve. The most popular atmosphere for a bedroom is that feeling of a retreat. Soothing colors and soft textiles can create a relaxing space for unwinding and sleeping. A new paint color is an inexpensive and simple way to have the bedroom of your dreams. 

These eight soothing Sherwin-Williams paint colors include neutral beiges and soft colors. Any of them can serve as the basis of a monochromatic color scheme, which is the ultimate in relaxing designs. Though the colors on the list are mostly light, deeper colors paired with the right lighting can also make a bedroom feel like a relaxing oasis.

Look through these eight colors to find the most peaceful shade of your dreams for your bedroom.

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    Sherwin-Williams Escape Gray SW 6185

    A bedroom painted with Sherwin-Williams Escape Gray


    Escape Gray is the perfect name for this rich gray paint color because you'll feel as though you've escaped to your favorite luxury hotel when you walk through the door. Combined with other warm and soft neutrals, Escape Gray is sophisticated and can be used in both masculine and feminine rooms. Sherwin-Williams paint colors include several gray tones that are perfect for a bedroom. Once you decide on gray for your bedroom, you can try a few shades to find the perfect gray for you. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Topsail SW6217

    Sherwin-Williams Topsail paint


    There is just enough smokiness in Sherwin-Williams Topsail to give this gorgeous aqua paint color a spa vibe. Topsail would be Zen-like with brushed chrome and white accents. Adding natural wood furniture and accessories can create a beach-inspired design for your bedroom. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Maison Blanche SW7526

    Sherwin-Williams Maison Blanche paint


    The elusive perfect beige looks a lot like Sherwin-Williams Maison Blanche. The soft warmth of this gorgeous neutral makes it ideal for a soothing bedroom color scheme. Maison Blanche would also make an excellent starting point for creating a relaxing monochromatic color scheme. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Lacewing SW6729

    Sherwin-Williams Lacewing paint


    Pale green paint colors like Sherwin-Williams Lacewing can help a bedroom that's too bright feel cool and refreshing. Bedrooms with windows facing the west or east can benefit from a cool color scheme. The secret to choosing a fresh green is to avoid sage greens and other gray and muted colors that can muddy your refreshing retreat palette.

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    Sherwin-Williams Paper Lantern SW7676

    Sherwin-Williams Paper Lantern paint


    Yellow may not be your first choice for the focal point of a relaxing bedroom color scheme, but it can be a welcome change from somber colors. A sunny or parchment yellow can make you feel as though the sun is greeting you when you open your eyes.

    The challenge with warm yellow paint colors is that it can be overstimulating at night when you need to sleep. Sherwin-Williams Paper Lantern offers the sunny warmth you crave in the morning, but it's balanced with a rich neutral base to keep things mellow at night.

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    Sherwin-Williams Window Pane SW6210

    Sherwin-Williams Windowpane paint


    Sherwin-Williams' Window Pane walks the color line between blue and green, but it veers toward green. This is a soft, muted green that is the ultimate soothing paint color. Paired with creamy white trim and accessories, Window Pane would be equally pretty with dark or light wood furnishings and flooring.

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    Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray SW7029

    Sherwin-Williams Agreeable Gray paint


    Agreeable Gray is, indeed, quite agreeable. This versatile greige (gray plus beige) can take a starring role in your bedroom retreat makeover, or it can play a supporting role in your favorite brighter colors. The beauty of greige in a soothing palette is the awesome mix of cool (gray) and warm (beige.) This dual personality allows greige paint colors to coordinate with ease, creating a harmonious color space. This is one of Sherwin-Williams' most popular paint colors thanks to its versatility.

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    Sherwin-Williams Starry Night SW6540

    Sherwin-Williams Starry Night paint


    For a romantic look, Starry Night's gray with lavender undertones is just right. There is just enough color to make this gray paint color a soothing backdrop for relaxation and sleep. The slight undertone keeps the gray in Starry Night from appearing too cold on your walls.

If you need help deciding on the perfect shade or color, you could compare samples. This is how it's done: 

Ask your local hardware or home improvement store for small containers filled with the color samples of your choice and a small paint brush. Brush on a short stripe of each sample color on spots in your room that do get daylight and ones that don't. The stripes should be adjacent so you can easily compare the differences. To clean paint from your brush in between painting each stripe, use rags and paint thinner to remove oil-based paint (or get a brush for each color) and water to clean non-oil-based paint.

Wait for the paint to dry, then examine the colors when it's sunny outside and when it's dark. You'll see subtle differences in each color, depending on the light and time of day. Make a pros-and-cons list and rank your favorite shades. Now decide which color suits your taste and needs.

You can follow the same procedure to help you decide whether you're testing shades of the same color or vastly different colors. Seeing the colors side by side under varying conditions will help you make your choice.