Introducing the Sherwin-Williams 2023 Color of the Year

Welcome Redend Point: a soft blush-beige

Sherwin-Williams 2023 COTY - Redend Point

Courtesy of Sherwin-Williams

As we slowly wind down the final months of 2022, trendwatchers, designers, and retailers are already looking ahead to 2023. The team at Sherwin-Williams is no exception, and they've officially announced their pick for 2023 Color of the Year: Redend Point.

Described by the brand as “a soulful blush-beige,” Sherwin-Williams notes that Redend Point is a nourishing hue that builds on the earthy tones consumers have been loving. As a part of their Colormix® Forecast for 2023, Redend Point is one shade you can find in TERRA—a collection of hues that “embrace regeneration, creativity, care, connection, and joy.”

While each shade in the TERRA family is meant to promote community and connection, Redend Point is the one standout that embodies it all. Just in time for the brand’s official announcement, we connected with Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams, to discuss why Redend Point is the color we’ll all crave in 2023.

Bedroom in Sherwin-Williams Redend Point


It's a Natural Shift From Gray and White

"In recent years, we’ve seen a shift toward an embracing of color as well as neutrals that are warmer than the grays and whites of the previous decade," Wadden says. "This change in focus is emblematic as people are looking at color more as a way to express a feeling or mood instead of just creating aesthetic impact."

It's a Shade "Rooted in Earth"

"Redend Point is a color rooted in the Earth, making it perfect for a sanctuary space where you can sit, unwind, and find your sense of self, like a bedroom or reading nook," Wadden says. "It also has an inviting element that reinvigorates us and inspires connection with others, making it well suited for community spaces like a living room or kitchen."

If you're looking to play up this aspect of Redend Point, then pairing the color with the right textiles is key.

"I’d recommend using Redend Point alongside natural-looking textiles and organic materials like wood and clay to really build on the color’s earthiness," Wadden says. "For a bedroom, you could create an accent wall in Redend Point behind your bed and focus on layers of cream throws and pinky beige linens for the bedding. Almost like a stratification, those layers build texture, which creates balance in a space."

"I also love the balanced look of greens and pinks with Resend Point, which you can achieve with layers of botanical prints and more traditional patterns," Wadden adds.

Kitchen in Sherwin-Williams Redend Point


Embrace the "Unexpected Versatility"

While Redend Point is perfect for any space that calls for a certain level of zen, Wadden also encourages people to embrace its versatility. "It would be a terrific color for a dining room, or even in unexpected spaces like laundry rooms or basements," she says.

Noting that the warmth of the color is enveloping, Wadden says that because it's not overwhelmingly bright or too neutral, Redend Point is also great for a home office.

"Using it on the wall behind your computer creates a nice balance for your eyes by lessening the strain from the blue light of the screen," she says. "The key to Redend Point is its unexpected versatility."

The key to Redend Point is its unexpected versatility.

Sherwin-Williams Dining Room in Redend Point


It Works With a Variety of Aesthetics

Because of Redend Point's versatility, it should prove itself a popular pick across a long list of trending aesthetics.

"I can see this color coming to life in minimalist spaces, or lending itself well to bohemian maximalism or even monochromatic boho," Wadden says. "Monochromatic palettes are trending as people seek out calming and serene color schemes for their homes, and the Nexus palette from the 2023 Colormix Forecast, where Redend Point comes from, showcases the warmth and depth of several neutrals."

Above all else, Wadden notes that warmer colors like Redend Point help to create a feeling of safety, security, and restoration—something we could all use these days.