Dramatic Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative Palette

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    Dramatic Paint Inspiration: Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative Color Palette

    Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color Trends
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative 2016 Palette. ©Sherwin-Williams

    The Nouveau Narrative palette tells the story of the handcrafted excellence of yesterday and how it inspires the craftspeople of today. This paint collection features earthy grays, rich reds, and soothing blues that bring a serene calmness to any space.  

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    Nouveau Narrative: A New Aesthetic

    Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color Trends
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative. ©Sherwin-Williams

    This comfortable palette acknowledges the makers, the builders, and the dreamers, that are fueling the handcrafted movement that is defining our era. These are the colors of our materials and our labors.

    From Sherwin-Williams: "This palette celebrates the return of skilled labor and an appreciation for quality craftsmanship and small-batch production. It is made for passionate people who appreciate craft, design, and authenticity."

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    Nouveau Narrative: Celebrating Craftsmanship

    Sherwin-Williams 2016 Colors
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative 2016 Color Palette. ©Sherwin-Williams

    From Jackie Jordan, director of color marketing for Sherwin-Williams: ““The colors of Nouveau Narrative reflect the rugged determination of the American spirit with olive, denim, dusky wools and brass,” said Jordan. “The new industrial evolution may be small production, but it is built to last. Authentic 20th century machinery is being dusted off and reconditioned as North American manufacturing re-emerges in new form.””

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    Sherwin-Williams Morris Room Grey SW 0037

    Sherwin-Williams Morris Room Grey - 2016 Color
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative. ©Sherwin-Williams

    If you're looking for an awesome greige paint color, don't overlook Sherwin-Williams Morris Room Grey. This is a versatile and rich neutral that can play a dual role as a gray or greige paint color. The warmth of this gray makes it ideal in a palette of warm colors like gold or yellow, but it can still look gorgeous with blue or green.

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    Sherwin-Williams Urban Putty SW 7532

    Sherwin-Williams Urban Putty - 2016 Colors
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative 2016. ©Sherwin-Williams

    In a sea (or fan deck) of neutral paint colors, all it takes is one perfect neutral to make a gorgeous color palette. Urban Putty SW 7532 is extremely versatile and soothing. If you love taupe but worry that it might be too pink, Urban Putty is a warm neutral and could be the right taupe for you.

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    Sherwin-Williams Crabby Apple SW 7592

    Sherwin-Williams Crabby Apple - 2016 Colors
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative. ©Sherwin-Williams

    There is nothing "crabby" about Sherwin-Williams Crabby Apple. This is a sophisticated and warm red that is stunning as an accent wall, a dining room, or a front door. Crabby Apple is the perfect red paint color for people who don't think they like red.

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    Sherwin-Williams Naval SW 6244

    Sherwin-Williams Naval - 2016 Colors
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Navy blue can be a great alternative to black or dark brown in a color palette. Sherwin-Williams Naval is a sophisticated navy blue that pairs beautifully with deep gold or metallics for a glamorous look, or with white and gray for a more casual style. Dark paint colors can be perfect for a dining room or as an accent wall. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Relic Bronze Metallic SWF 340

    Sherwin-Williams Relic Bronze
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative 2016 Colors. ©Sherwin-Williams

    The secret to using metallic paints and finishes is choosing neutral colors to balance out your color palette. Sherwin-Williams Relic Bronze Metallic is a wonderful way to add interest to a color palette that needs a boost, without being too showy. Pair metallic paint with rich neutral colors like charcoal gray or dark brown for a comfortable color palette.

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    Sherwin-Williams Aleutian SW 6241

    Sherwin-Williams Aleutian - 2016 Colors
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Aleutian is a beautiful blue-gray color that can hold its own in a rich color palette. If you love blue but would like to avoid baby blue or aqua, Aleutian is a serene blue paint color with enough gray to make it perfectly neutral in any palette.

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    Sherwin-Williams Backdrop 7025

    Sherwin-Williams Backdrop
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative - 2016 Color Trends. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Williams Backdrop is so perfectly named. All color palettes need an anchor color. An anchor color is the backdrop for the other colors and accents. Sherwin-Williams Backdrop is a strong neutral brown that can balance most color palettes it finds itself in. 

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    Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Pewter SW 2848

    Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Pewter
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative - 2016 Color Trends. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Unlike many warm pewter paint colors on the market right now, Sherwin-Williams Roycroft Pewter is a true pewter, with a hint of gunmetal gray. This is another excellent alternative to black or dark brown if you're looking for a dark neutral paint color for your home.

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    Sherwin-Williams Renwick Olive SW 2815

    Sherwin-Williams Renwick Olive
    Sherwin-Williams Nouveau Narrative - 2016 Color Trends. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Olive green is surprisingly versatile, and Sherwin-Williams Renwick Olive is no exception. The secret to this gorgeous green is in its warm undertones. Rather than a bright green, Renwick Olive can take the place of a dark khaki color or greige in a neutral paint color palette.

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    Sherwin-Williams Well-Bred Brown SW 7027

    Sherwin-Williams Well-Bred Brown 2016 Colors
    Sherwin-Williams 2016 Color Trends - Nouveau Narrative. ©Sherwin-Williams

    Sherwin-Willaims Well-Bred Brown is a traditional brown paint color. If you are searching for an espresso or dark chocolate brown color, Well-Bred brown definitely deserves a look. This dark brown is the color of wood beams overhead or a strong cup of coffee. A total classic.